E308 – Late News About LBP by Anthony Barlow
July 22, 2008, 1:42 pm
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I’ve just been browsing the interwebs looking for LBP and found this. Brain Ashcraft over at Kotaku posted a list of things he found out about the game at E3. I thought this was worthy content so I’d like to share it with you.

• The game will feature trophies.
• If two players of different levels play co-op together and one falls behind, that player will instantly die and respawn so the two players can keep up.
• There are over 60 tutorials that focus on creating.
• Because the Sony E3 press conference showed it was possible to embed text on objects, it will now be possible to do that in-game. (Media Molecule wants to make sure everything it’s now showing with LBP is actually possible for users to make.
• Originally, they planned to give players complete freedom of depth, but found that a richer experience could be gotten with only three layers of depth.
• If you use voice chat, Sack Boy will be lipsynched to your speech.
• The tags used to label level you create are pre-selected and were intially from LOL Cats. This has since been changed.
• Stephen Fry does voice over work for the create mode.
• It hasn’t been announced if you can import your own music into the game. Says Evans, “There’s no reason technically why not.”

Most of this is news to me. They got Stephen Fry, now that’s pretty cool. I can’t wait for trophies too!

Sony’s Presser Dry Run Invaded? by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 11:38 pm
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According to Kotaku, the dry-run of Sony’s E3 presser was invaded by a ‘blogger’ yesterday. The guy from an unnamed website was apparently posting the announcements on the web 15 minutes after they’d been said. No one knows who this person was or if they’d had their E3 press stuff revoked but according to Jack Tretton:

“They found some guy on the third floor balcony laying down taking notes and calling it in to a service,”

This is a bit weird (and oportunistic) people and god knows what i’d have done to get a hold of that news but no it wasn’t me I was busy living my life and liveblogging the full conference from a GameSpot video stream right here in California Manchester.

Lost Planet Movie Confirmed At Capcom’s Presser, With Special Guest Snake? by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 11:31 pm
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Whoo David Hayter and Capcom news now! It’s finally been confirmed, the movie adaptation of Lost Planet is being made. Lost Planet fanboys (is there any?) jump for joy. Anyway the big scoop (sausage?) is that, as you may know, Solid Snake David Hayter has penned the screenplay and that he was at the conference yesterday. Hayter’s screenplay and the fact this isn’t a videogame movie directed by Uwe Boll are the only reasons I want to see this.

The conference was only about the movie which is a bit crappy, but at least Snake was there to save the day.

No release date yet but i’d expect it to be sometime in 2009

Sony’s E3 Presser – The Highlights by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 4:27 pm
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This is for those people who didn’t view the conference, missed the liveblog and can’t be arsed to read/don’t understand the transcription. I’m providing you, the readers, with the highlights of Sony’s 2008 E£ press conference.

Here goes:

  • Some new Resistance 2 gameplay footage was shown along with a new trailer. Tim Price (from Insomniac) talks about the game
  • Jack Tretton uses Little Big Planet’s Sackboy (In Boston Celtics gear) to navigate facts and figures about Sony’s systems.
  • Tretton Announces PS3 ‘Greatest Hits’ line of games coming to America (I think they’re gonna be called ‘Platinum’ over in the UK & Europe). The 1st batch are: WarHawk, Resistance: Fall Of Man, Motorstorm, Uncharted, Need For Speed: Carbon, Call Of Duty 3, Fight Night Round 3, Assasins Creed, Rainbow Six Vegas, Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden Sigma.
  • Tretton talks about PS2 and social games. Says the Singstore has had 1.9 million downloads.
  • New ‘Lego Batman’ PS2 bundle announced – black PS2, Lego Batman Game, justice League DVD
  • Tretton talks about PSN. Announces single sign in service. PSN has had 180 million downloads
  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty ‘Announced’. Trailer plays. Announced that it’s gonna be $14.99
  • ‘GT TV’ (Grand Turismo TV) talked about. Top Gear in HD Whoot!
  • Jack talks about ‘Home’. Shows new trailer. Announces that Ubisoft, Lucas Arts, EA and Nike are all interested in Home and some are using the beta. Resistance, Uncharted game rooms within ‘Home’ are shown. They look cool.
  • Video Store Stuff. Major studios content announced. SD & HD downloads/rentals. TV stuff too apparently. Transferable to PSP.
  • Lempel takes the stage.
  • Lempel talks about video store.
  • Video Store announced for tonight. Very sweet!
  • New Ratchet PSP bundle announced – Silver PSP, Ratchet PSP game, Download code for Echochrome, 1GB memory stick e.t.c.
  • Resistance Retribution (Resistance PSP) announced. Trailer. Looks sweet. Released “Spring 09”
  • Super Stardust Portable Teased in montage
  • Life with PlayStation coming at the end of the month.
  • PS3 MMO’s talked about.
  • DC Universe MMO talked about. Trailer plays. Looks great a lot like that PC heroes MMO but better looking.
  • 80GB PS3 to replace 40GB PS3 80GB reduced to $399.99
  • Video plays of developers speaking about how good the PS3 is to work with
  • Snippets of POP, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2
  • God Of War 3 Teaser Trailer – slightly underwhelming
  • InFamous getting talked about now. Really cool looking. Trailer plays – looks like one of the games of the show.
  • MAG announced. 256 player online games and loads of other features.

There you have it folks, the complete guide to Sony’s E308 presser. Remember to check out all of the posts from this years event and the conference right here at XeNonX.

New PSN Title Announced – Fat Princess by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 3:42 pm
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That isn’t an insult, it’s a game title. ‘Fat Princess’ will be coming to the PS Store later this year and although I have seen very little of it (surprisingly, sorry about that) it’s the concept that has intrigued me the most. The product description makes this game sound really, I don’t know, something.

Frantic and fun, Fat Princess pits two hordes of players against each other in comic medieval battle royale. Your goal is to rescue your beloved princess from the enemy dungeon. There’s a catch though: your adversary has been stuffing her with food to fatten her up and it’s going to take most of your army working together to carry her back across the battlefield.

32 player online carnage dragging, yep that’s right the ‘Fat Princess’, across the battlefield. The game’s got 10 maps and 5 character classes and actually sounds fun. You can check out some more screens over at Kotkau

Kiefer Sutherland To Voice Act In COD: World At War by Anthony Barlow

It was announced by Treyarch at Activision’s E3 presser last night that 24’s Kiefer Sutherland would be doing voice acting in the new Call Of Duty game. There’s no specifics right now but i’ll bet anyone he plays an American solider. It’d be great if he was the voice of the main character but it’s more likely he’ll be an A.I. controlled squad mate or something.

This would really suck if he was in it for like ten seconds then never seen again.

PSN Video Store Goes Live – Or Does It? by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 2:49 pm
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Eric Lempel announced yesterday at E3 that Sony’s video download service would go live last night. Apparently it did but for me over here in the UK it didn’t and it dosen’t look like I can access the American one either. I can see the big advert on the PS Store for it but nothing happens.

Have Sony now taken to region locking? Damn you (for now) Lempel damn you!

Answers on a postcard please people (or maybe just in the comments section).