Special Feature: Game Of The Year Predictions by Ryan Gray
October 18, 2008, 2:49 am
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[By Xenonx Staff]

Ahh yes. It’s that time of year my friends. The time of year where every gamers wallet gets completely drained all for the sake of virtual awesomeness. Theres an incredible selection of games coming out very soon. We here at Xenonx have been thinking and we each have our own foresights on what will be game of the year. Hit the jump to find out what we editors think will come out on top as this years top game. Continue reading


little big planet ps3 bundle by Steve
August 30, 2008, 9:14 pm
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[By Steve M]

I think everyone and their mother expected Sony to bundle their PS3 console with the upcoming funfest that is Little Big Planet, so here’s a glimpse of the retail packaging for your viewing pleasure, including an 80gb PS3, dualshock controller and a copy of the game, expect prices to be around the £299 mark when it hits the shops in November.

E308 – Late News About LBP by Anthony Barlow
July 22, 2008, 1:42 pm
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I’ve just been browsing the interwebs looking for LBP and found this. Brain Ashcraft over at Kotaku posted a list of things he found out about the game at E3. I thought this was worthy content so I’d like to share it with you.

• The game will feature trophies.
• If two players of different levels play co-op together and one falls behind, that player will instantly die and respawn so the two players can keep up.
• There are over 60 tutorials that focus on creating.
• Because the Sony E3 press conference showed it was possible to embed text on objects, it will now be possible to do that in-game. (Media Molecule wants to make sure everything it’s now showing with LBP is actually possible for users to make.
• Originally, they planned to give players complete freedom of depth, but found that a richer experience could be gotten with only three layers of depth.
• If you use voice chat, Sack Boy will be lipsynched to your speech.
• The tags used to label level you create are pre-selected and were intially from LOL Cats. This has since been changed.
• Stephen Fry does voice over work for the create mode.
• It hasn’t been announced if you can import your own music into the game. Says Evans, “There’s no reason technically why not.”

Most of this is news to me. They got Stephen Fry, now that’s pretty cool. I can’t wait for trophies too!