New Uncharted 2 Screens by Anthony Barlow
February 4, 2009, 12:24 pm
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[By Anthony]

Naughty Dog have released a slew of new screens for, the extremely impressive looking, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The screens show off some of the new environments you’ll be battling your enemies in, your new lady friend and a gruftier (damn you Ian!) looking Nathan Drake (above). Take a look at the gallery below.

Game Informer’s Uncharted 2 Details by Anthony Barlow
December 11, 2008, 8:16 pm
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[By Anthony]

The people of the interwebs were nice enough to supply me with all the juicy gossip from U.S. magazine Game Informer on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and here I am giving it to you dear reader. Here’s just a few notes that GameFaq’s member ‘Maddognick96’ decided to post.

– The biggest thing in the article IMO is that there’s a new girl named Chloe Frazer. GI asked about Elena and Sully’s return but they had no comment.
– The story is about looking for the ships that Marco Polo “lost” while returning home to Italy.
– Melee combat is more dynamic now.
– They mentioned they were using only 30% of the PS3’s power with Drake’s Fortune and are planning to use nearly 100% with Among Thieves.
– A demo was shown to GI with Drake going through a city (I believe in Nepal), and he’s stealthily taking out guards and escaping the city.
– Nolan North returns to be Drake and Chloe Frazer is played by Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1, Fargate).
– The Sixaxis mechanics were ditched for such things as throwing grenades.
– One of the weapons revealed is a rocket launcher that Chloe uses (might only be for the cinematic).
– There are no load screens.
– The score is being composed by Greg Edmonson (same guy from the first one).
– Weapons can be used in any stance (running, behind cover, hanging, climbing a wall, etc.).
– You can now move while aiming behind cover.

I think it’d be nice to see the return of Elana & Sully, but this new girl sounds interesting. Surprisingly, the stealth gameplay sounds pretty good and i’m glad they’ve got the voice actor (s) and composer from the last game as the audio was pretty sweet. Other than that, everything esle seems pretty cool. I loved Drake’s Fortume, here’s hoping Among Thieves is just as good. I might just have to head down to Borders and get a copy of this myself.

Uncharted 2? Hell yea! by Ryan Gray
December 2, 2008, 3:22 am
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[By Ryan]

It’s official. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has been announced, and were loving every bit of it. The original Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was one of the games that helped the Playstation 3 really come into it’s own as a worthy household system, and we can expect great things out of this sequel. Naughty Dog knows what they’re doing, so I have absolute faith that this game will be another hit. If you want proof that the game has been announced, check the teaser after the jump. And also, obviously, there is no set release date. Continue reading

Uncharted 2: Coming 2009 by Anthony Barlow
October 1, 2008, 11:07 am
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[By Anthony]

News has come in from PSM 3 that Naughty Dog are working on Uncharted 2. Instead of doing an Insomniac and jumping back and forth between their two key franchises it looks like ND want to focus on Nathan Drake for the tme being.

No more details as of yet, but i’m sure we’ll here something more substantial soon.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Trophies Revealed by Anthony Barlow
August 4, 2008, 9:41 pm
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Well ‘Uncharted’ got patched today which brought trophy support to the game. Some of the trophies seem a little easy but there are some unknown ones. Well now thanks to the guys over at PS3Fanboy I have the list of trophies, even the unknown ones.

Bronze Trophies

  • First Treasure – Find one treasure
  • Beginner Fortune Hunter – Find 5 treasures
  • Novice Fortune Hunter – Find 10 treasures
  • Enthusiast Fortune Hunter – Find 15 treasures
  • Intermediate Fortune Hunter – Find 20 treasures
  • Skilled Fortune Hunter – Find 25 treasures
  • Proficient Fortune Hunter – Find 30 treasures
  • Advanced Fortune Hunter – Find 35 treasures
  • Professional Fortune Hunter – Find 40 treasures
  • Senior Fortune Hunter – Find 45 treasures
  • Expert Fortune Hunter – Find 50 treasures
  • Crack Fortune Hunter – Find 55 treasures
  • Relic Finder – Find the Strange Relic
  • Brutal Brawler – Kill 5 enemies with a brutal combo
  • Steel Fist – Kill 5 enemies with a single punch after softening them up with gunfire
  • Headshot Expert – Kill 5 enemies in a row with headshots
  • 10 Headshots – Kill 10 enemies with headshots
  • 30 Headshots – Kill 30 enemies with headshots
  • Dyno-might! – Kill 3 enemies with one explosion
  • Run-And-Gunner – Kill 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with the L1 button)
  • Hangman – Kill 10 enemies while hanging from a ledge
  • Grenade Hangman – Kill 10 enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging from a ledge


  • Master Fortune Hunter – Find all 60 treasures
  • Brutal Slugger – Kill 20 enemies with a brutal combo
  • Brutal Expert – Kill 5 enemies in a row with a brutal combo
  • Stealth Attacker – Kill 20 enemies melee attacking from behind
  • Steel Fist Expert – Kill 5 enemies in a row with a single punch after softening them up with gunfire
  • 100 Headshots – Kill 100 enemies with headshots
  • Survivor – Kill 50 enemies in a row without dying

Platinum! – Obtain all other trophies


  • Expert Dyno-might! – Kill 3 enemies with one explosion, five times
  • 50 Kills: PM – 9mm – Kill 50 enemies with the PM – 9mm
  • 50 Kills: 92FS – 9mm – Kill 50 enemies with the 92FS – 9mm
  • 50 Kills: Micro – 9mm – Kill 50 enemies with the Micro – 9mm
  • 20 Kills: Wes – 44 – Kill 20 enemies with the Wes – 44
  • 20 Kills: Desert – 5 – Kill 20 enemies with the Desert – 5
  • 30 Kills: MP40 – Kill 30 enemies with the MP40
  • 50 Kills: AK-47 – Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47
  • 50 Kills: M4 – Kill 50 enemies with the M4
  • 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper – Kill 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper
  • 50 Kills: Moss – 12 – Kill 50 enemies with the Moss – 12
  • 50 Kills: SAS – 12 – Kill 50 enemies with the SAS – 12
  • 30 Kills: M79 – Kill 30 enemies with the M79
  • 20 Kills: Mk-NDI – Kill 20 enemies with the Mk-NDI
  • Charted! – Easy – Complete the game on Easy Level
  • Charted! – Normal – Complete the game on Normal Level
  • Charted! – Hard – Complete the game on Hard Level
  • Charted! – Crushing – Complete the game on Crushing Level

Seems cool. I didn’t pick the game up before but will definitely do so tomorrow. Yes I am a trophy whore.

Uncharted 2 At Leipzig? by Anthony Barlow
August 4, 2008, 5:53 pm
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According to my sources, Sony and/or Naughty Dog are planning to announce ‘Uncharted 2’ (electric boogaloo, perhaps?) at Leipzig this year. Not heard anything more on this yet but i’ll try and extort some more information from my source and any other rumors he might have.

The rumor that’s been going around for a while now is that the game will be set in Atlantis and will once again feature Nathan Drake. This seems quite possible and could be cool, but is once again unconfirmed. Some mocked up box art is above.

Uncharted Has Been Patched – Version 1.01 Released, Trophies! by Anthony Barlow
August 4, 2008, 2:33 pm
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It’s here and it’s well before the expected August 22nd drop date. The ‘Uncharted: Drakes Fortune’ trophy patch has arrived and I haven’t picked up the game yet. As expected the trophies mirror the in-game ‘achivements’ so those who have completed the game with all of this stuff are bound to be a little pissed off. I’m one of the many who didn’t do this so i’ll be great to get into the game again. Hey I might even go and pick it up now. It has also been rumored that the UK/Europe version is the only version of ‘Uncharted’ to have been patched so far, at the time of writing there is no conformation of this but I wll try and find out.

No news yet on the full list of trophies available but i’ll try and get it to ya ASAP.

PSN Will Beat XBLA Says Richard Lemarchand (Who?) by Anthony Barlow
August 1, 2008, 1:42 am
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It’s the new console war. The downloadable games war and at the minute, content wise at least, Microsoft are winning due to the sheer quantity of games available. According to Richard Lemarchand from Naughty Dog (oh that’s who he is) that’s about to change. He believes that PSN will have an edge that XBL won’t.

I think there’s going to be other things coming down the pipe that’s going to give PSN as a whole a competitive edge… What I will say is as a games designer I’m very excited about net connectivity. I really like how Sony is thinking a little bit outside the box in terms of gamers as modern media consumers. With things like LittleBigPlanet looking towards consumer-generated content and with games like flOw and flOwer — which are art games — Sony is really looking to expand games as culture in the same way that pop music, literature and fine art are culture.

I agree but then again he sorta has to say that Sony owns Naughty Dog.

Uncharted Trophy News by Anthony Barlow
July 30, 2008, 9:32 pm
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This was reported by a few places earlier this week I just haven’t gotten around to it, sorry. Anyway it has been confirmed that as of August 22nd Uncharted: Drakes Fortune will have trophy support. Yay!

It’s a shame that I got rid of that game when I did now I’m gonna have to go and rent it from somewhere (Boomerang have a 30 day trial if anyone’s interested) and hopefully grab me some Uncharted trophies. Plus, my current game save for Uncharted isn’t mine anyway due to my PS3 crapping out so it’ll be good for ME to actually complete the game now rather than some random dude from GameFaq’s.

The guys over at IGN spoke with Naughty Dog’s Arne Mayer about what players should expect when the patch hits and there’s more trophies up for grabs. Said interview is below:

IGN: How many Trophies will be available to nab in Uncharted?

Arne Meyer: You’ll be able to get up to 48 Trophies in Uncharted. There are 47 Trophies related to what you do in the game — finding treasures, hand-to-hand or gun combat and the like — and the last one is the Platinum Trophy for getting all the other Trophies.

IGN: What are some of the more notable or difficult Trophies that you’ve added?

Arne Meyer: Well, some of our more notable and tougher Trophies are hidden, so it wouldn’t be any fun if we revealed those, right? That being said, I think the Trophies for getting 100 headshots or defeating 50 enemies in a row without dying can present a challenge to most players. Of course, there’s also the Trophy for the Strange Relic, which some Naughty Dog fans might find familiar…

IGN: Is there a direct link to the treasures and unlockables that are already in the game with the new Trophies?

Arne Meyer: Yep. The Trophies are tied to the medal rewards which already exist in Uncharted. The requirement to get each Trophy is exactly the same as the one for the associated medal.

IGN: Will veterans be able to go in and nab all the Trophies in a single play-through?

Arne Meyer: No, that won’t be possible. It is possible to get nearly all of the Trophies on a single playthrough, but I think you’d have to be very good and extremely thorough to do that. We’d like to believe that some of the more difficult Trophies are enough of a challenge that even the most skilled gamer will have to play through Uncharted a couple of times.

IGN: Will any of them be able to be awarded retroactively?

Arne Meyer: That would have been nice, but it wasn’t something we would be able to do. We originally left our save games unlocked and portable so gamers could move them off the hard drive and their existing game elsewhere or show off some of the unlocked content at a friend’s house. This type of portability would have allowed gamers to get Trophies unfairly and we couldn’t let that happen. To receive Trophies in Uncharted you will have to start a brand new save game without any medals or rewards unlocked.

IGN: Will the update contain anything in addition to Trophies? We happen to be fans of the different rendering modes that you can unlock…

Arne Meyer: Aww, we like the rendering modes too. However, the patch only adds Trophy support to Uncharted. We didn’t add anything new. Sorry!

IGN: How long did it take you to go back and implement Trophies in the game?

Arne Meyer: Adding Trophies was a relatively simple task for us since we already had a reward system coded into the game with medals. It took about a month to go from deciding to go ahead with adding Trophy support all the way through testing and releasing the patch.

IGN: Was it fun to go back and give Uncharted a fresh coat of paint, as it were?

Arne Meyer: We definitely enjoyed going back and revisiting Uncharted since wrapping up development nearly ten months ago. Everyone at Naughty Dog has really been looking forward to getting the patch done and out the door. We’ve got a few people here who are just itching for the patch to be released so they can power through Uncharted and get the first Platinum Trophy ever… well, within the studio at least.

IGN: Do you wish to take this time and formally announce Uncharted 2: The Search for Atlantis? =)

Arne Meyer: Hey, look at the time, gotta run!

It looks like Naughty Dog have covered all bases there. Now Mayer said that you wouldn’t be able to get all of the trophies in a single playthrough, which to me ain’t good but i’ll give it a go nonetheless. 48 trophies is a lot too. I’m betting that the majority will be bronze ones then.