PlayStation Store Update (29.08.08) by Anthony Barlow
August 29, 2008, 12:53 am
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[By Anthony]

I’m combining the two stores this week for sheer practicality because there’s nothing on them! What is there is cool though. Oh yeah, i’m only gonna be posting game content for now the rest of the stuff is usually pointless anyway.

European Store:

  • The Last Guy – £4.99
  • The Last Guy Demo – Free!
  • NHL 09 Demo – Free!
  • Buzz: Jungle Junior Pack – £3.49
  • WarHawk: Fallen Star Add-On Pack – £3.99

US Store:

  • The Last Guy – $9.99
  • NHL 09 Demo – Free!
  • Soul Calibur 4 Demo – Free!
  • WarHawk: Fallen Star Add-On Pack – $7.99
  • WarHawk Booster Combo – $15.99
  • Rock Band DLC – Locksley – ‘She Does’, ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’, ‘All Over Again’ – $0.99 each or $2.99 for the pack.

Like I said, not much there but what’s there is very good. I might pick up ‘The Last Guy’ at a later date and will probably do the same with the WarHawk DLC. I’m skint! (meaning no money for non British readers). Yes the Rock Band DLC has changed. Rush’s album ‘Moving Pictures’ was meant to be this week’s DLC but there was complications so Harmonix put up this Locksley stuff instead, nice of ’em.

WarHawk 1.50 Update Released – Brings Trophies & Other Stuff by Anthony Barlow
August 27, 2008, 6:21 pm
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[By Anthony]

As promised the WarHawk 1.50 update hit today and it brings some pretty cool, free stuff. The biggest inclusion is obviously the trophy support. Incognito’s steampunk shooter now includes 57 trophies for players to grab in various ways, ranging from the easy training completion trophies to the much harder task of shooting down dropships with laser designators. Either way it’s still cool and trophies might just make me want to play it again, if not my dad plays it a ton so that should help. Hit the jump for more.

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WarHawk Booster, Fallen Star, Out This Week by Anthony Barlow
August 25, 2008, 8:19 pm
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[By Anthony]

If you didn’t already know WarHawk’s new booster pack ‘Operation: Fallen Star’ is out on the PS Store worldwide this week. The new booster gives players 30 new map configurations including 10 for the new map ‘Tau Crater’. Jetpacks are also included in the new  pack and according to various sources they handle pretty well.

The pack has been priced at $8 for the U.S. and i’m expecting that the regular price of £3.99 will remain in the UK. There’s also a new offer coming to the U.S. which allows users to download all three booster packs for $16, which basically is giving payers one pack free. It has not been confirmed if this is coming to Europe, but I suspect it will be.

Remember, the WarHawk trophy patch is also coming this week. That’s something I have been really looking forward too, but then i’m a trophy whore.

A First Look At WarHawk’s Jetpacks by Anthony Barlow
August 21, 2008, 1:12 am
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[By Anthony Barlow]

It was announced a few weeks ago that WarHawk would be getting a new expansion pack, ‘Operation Fallen Star’. Well it was shown off at Leipzig today and it’s looking really cool. The pack contains a new map called ‘Tau Crater’ (which can be used in 10 battle maps) as well as the Icarus M. 1 Rocket Pack (in other words – a Jetpack). Said jetpack will be able to take out ground troops and WarHawks.

Koataku has a load of images for your viewing pleasure.

WarHawk – New Expansion Details by Anthony Barlow
August 9, 2008, 1:27 am
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It was pretty much revealed that Dylan Jobe and the guys over at Incognito were planning on a new expansion for WarHawk after the potential trophy list leak eariler in the week mentioning Jetpacks and Tau Crater (a new map).

Well now the guys over at TSA seem to have the scoop that there will be a new expansion, which is dated for sometime in August. This pack named ‘Operation Fallen Star’ will include Jetpacks and at least one new map (possibly Tau Crater).

There’s been no more news on this as of yet, but you know i’ll keep you guys posted.

WarHawk Trophies Revealed by Anthony Barlow
August 6, 2008, 11:22 pm
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The trophy news is flooding in right now and it’s great (oh no i’ve turned into Tony the tiger). I reported earlier this week that WarHawk would be the latest game to get trophy support. There’s now apparently a ‘leaked’ list of said trophies and well…here they are.

Bronze Trophies

  • Secret Anti-Camper — Kill an enemy in a Missile or Flak Turret after that enemy has achieved at least five kills in that type of turret.
  • Secret Daredevil — Get 100 feet off the ground in a ground vehicle. Does not count if the vehicle is being carried by a Dropship.
  • Secret Hit List — Kill every member of the opposing team at least once during a round.
  • Secret Minesweeper — Get killed by Proximity Mines five times in a single round.
  • Secret Reckless — Pilot Commit suicide in a Warhawk by running into your own Aerial Mine.
  • Secret Vengeance — Kill an enemy within 60 seconds of that enemy killing you.
  • Secret What’s That Green Line? — Get killed by a Binoculars strike while piloting an aircraft.
  • Anti-Air Ninja — Shoot down a Warhawk with any infantry weapon other than a Rocket Launcher.
  • Bandit Award — Earn all in-game badges at Bandit level.
  • Chief Sergeant — Achieve a rank of Chief Sergeant.
  • Collector — Capture four cores at once in Collection mode.
  • Combat Driver — Complete Vehicle Combat Training.
  • Cowboy — Play a perfect Team Deathmatch (top player, no deaths).
  • Dead-Eye — Achieve a sniper kill from more than 2,500 feet away.
  • Dumbfire — Destroy an enemy aircraft with a dumbfired Swarm or Homing Missile.
  • Emergency Evasion — Break at least 6 simultaneous missile locks using Chaff.
  • Enlistee — Join a clan.
  • Ground Pounder — Complete Ground Combat Training.
  • Hat Trick — Get three flag captures in a single round of CTF.
  • How Did You Do That? — Destroy an enemy aircraft with a Cluster Bomb.
  • Invincible — While on foot, take at least 250 damage within 10 seconds without dying.
  • Irony — Kill an enemy with his own Proximity Mine.
  • Lone Wolf — Play a perfect Deathmatch (top player, no deaths).
  • One In A Million — Shoot down an enemy aircraft using the tank’s main cannon.
  • Overkill — Destroy an enemy aircraft with a volley of 8 Swarm Missiles.
  • Pilot’s License — Complete Warhawk Combat Training.
  • Recognition of Merit — Earn any five in-game medals
  • Remote Pilot — Destroy an enemy aircraft with a TOW Missile.
  • Resourceful Driver — Achieve a road kill and a .50 cal kill using the same 4×4, without dismounting.
  • Rivalry — Win a clan match (red server) as either clan leader or a regular member.
  • Saboteur — Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Field Wrench.
  • Survivalist — Survive for one minute as the hero in Hero mode.
  • Tail Shaker — Destroy an enemy aircraft with an Aerial Mine within 5 seconds of deploying it.
  • Taxi Driver — Help a teammate capture the flag (in CTF) or cogs (in Collection) by transporting him back to the base, using any vehicle.
  • Warlord — Create a clan and get nine other members to join. (Awarded at ten members while you are the clan leader.)
  • World Victory — Control all capturable bases in a Zones match, and reduce the enemy’s home base to level 1.

Silver Trophies

  • Secret Canyon — Run Using a Warhawk, shoot down an enemy Warhawk in the central gorge in Vaporfield Glacier.
  • Secret King of the Jungle Gym — Retrieve the Proximity Mines from the top of the dome on the Omega Factory Rumble Dome layout.
  • Secret Safety Violation — Kill a distant enemy from on top of the salvage crane in Tau Crater.
  • Aerial Ballet — While flying a jetpack, kill an enemy (who is also flying a jetpack) with any weapon other than the Rocket Launcher.
  • Are You Aim-Botting? — Snipe an enemy who is flying a jetpack.
  • Behind Enemy Lines — Drive an APC into the enemy’s home base, then have at least one teammate spawn into that APC.
  • Commander — Achieve a rank of Commander.
  • Decorated Soldier — Earn any 15 in-game medals.
  • Flying Fortress — Awarded to the driver and all six passengers of a fully-loaded Dropship.
  • Giant Killer — Shoot down an enemy Dropship while using a Warhawk.
  • Lt. Colonel — Achieve a rank of Lt. Colonel.
  • Master Award — Earn all in-game badges at Master level.
  • Shield Breaker — Break an enemy E-POD shield using the Lightning Shell.

Gold Trophies

  • Bandwidth Donor — Host a ranked dedicated server for four consecutive hours.
  • Executive Honor — Earn all in-game medals.
  • General — Achieve a rank of General.
  • Porcupine — Destroy an enemy Warhawk with the APC’s E-POD shield.
  • Surgical Strike — Shoot down a Dropship with a Binoculars strike.
  • That Was Some Bug — Kill an enemy who is flying a jetpack by hitting him with any vehicle or aircraft.
  • Warhawk Award — Earn all in-game badges at Warhawk level.

Platinum Trophy

  • Warhawk Supreme Achievement — All your base trophies are belong to platinum.

Obviously these might not be real but if they are then  think only a select few will be getting that platinum. I’ll ghet conformation news to you as soon as it’s available.

Warhawk Trophies Coming August 27th by Anthony Barlow
August 5, 2008, 9:05 pm
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Whoo more trophies! WarHawk is gonna be the latest game to get Sony’s trophy treatment. The trophies will come packaged with some other stuff in a new update (V 1.5) at the end of the month.

The game will then feature over 50 trophies which will be dished out based on performance, modes, weapons, vehicles and expansion packs. Great news for veteran players is that some of the tophies will be retroactive, which is great. Free trophies!

The official UK Playstation Blog has given some examples of what your gonna see. These sound hard.

Community Building Trophies
– Bandwidth Donor: Host a ranked dedicated server for four consecutive hours.
– Rivalry: Win a clan match (red server) as either clan leader or a regular member.

Game Mode Trophies
– Lone Wolf: Play a perfect Deathmatch (first place, no deaths).
– Survivalist: Survive for one minute as the hero in Hero mode.

Vehicle Trophies
– Taxi Driver: Help a teammate capture the flag (in Capture the Flag) or cores (in Collection) by transporting him back to the base, using any vehicle.
– One In A Million: Shoot down an enemy aircraft using the tank’s main cannon.

Warhawk Weapons Trophies
– How Did You Do That?: Destroy an enemy aircraft with a Cluster Bomb.
– Tail Shaker: Destroy an enemy aircraft with an Aerial Mine within five seconds of deploying it.

They sound like a bit a challence. I think I might just go for the easy ones. The new update will also include 20 new paint schemes for aircraft, 50 new insignias, a playable training mode and custom soundtrack support from the Home menu.

Another great update from the WarHawk guys and it’s free too. There seems to be a lot of talk about Home lately, we must be getting close.