What Games Do You Game (06.12.08) by Anthony Barlow
December 6, 2008, 11:28 pm
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[By Anthony]

There was a break from What Games Did You Game last week and now we’re back…with a vengence. Sort of. I say vengence, there’s not even a hint of anything to be vengeful for here. The ammount of games out at this time of the year is great, there’s never nothing to play, what’s not to love, except, y’know…the economy. Anyway I’m here on my own this week but it’s still a damn good list. Continue reading

What Games Do You Game by Anthony Barlow
November 23, 2008, 8:53 pm
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[By Anthony]

Hey there readers, sorry it’s a bit late but we’re back for the second (or third) week running with What Games Do You Game? This week I am joined by News and Video editor Ryan Gray as we run through the games we’ve been playing over the last seven days. You know the drill, hit the jump for the rest. Continue reading

What Games Do You Game? (11.10.08) by Anthony Barlow
October 11, 2008, 5:04 pm
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[By Anthony]

WGDYG? has been missing for the past couple of weeks but now it’s back! Due to time contraints i’ve not been able to post it but it’s here this week with just me. There’s three weeks worth of games for me to write about, so I better crack on. Hit the jump for the list. Continue reading

What Games Do You Game? (25.08.08) – Everything’s Late by Anthony Barlow
August 25, 2008, 3:57 am
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It’s the German Games Convention (or Leipzig) this week so it’s been a little hectic around here, because of this a lot of the regular ‘features’ are late. There’s been a lot of Sony news coming through to us over the past week bu yes we editors have had time to get some gaming done too. There might be a lot of stuff coming out over the next month or two but there’s still some cool stuff out now too. So after that boring lengthy intro it’s time for a late ‘What Games Do You Game?’.


  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty (PS3 Via PSN) – Another highly anticipated PSN title out again last week and although it might not be the complete experience Insomniac have really pulled out all the stops on their 1st downloadable Ratchet & Clank mini-adventure. I’m only a couple of levels in to it and have already found it’s more puzzle orientated than the full priced Ratchet games, which for me is not a problem. The game is still really cool and hasn’t disapointed me, i’m gonna play a lot more of it over the next few days so be sure to look out for my review, yes a review people.
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – Still kicks more ass than any FPS on the market. I stil can’t believe i’m playing it this long after release. I’ve seen some new footage for ‘World At War’ and I have to say, although it’s Treyarch developing it looks really cool. Can’t wait, but it would be better in a modern setting though.
  • Rock Band (PS3) – Still really cool, i’ve actually made it towards the end (I think) of ‘Band World Tour’ and i’m actually playing songs for the first time. Bring on Rock Band 2. Still needs more Manchester in there though.

A really short list this week and only one new title in there too. Things are getting patched with trophies soon so there’ll be some new additions to the list over the next few weeks but for me that’s it. I will try and make the next ‘WGDYG?’ appear on time next week.

What Games Do You Game (16.08.08) – It’s Late Again by Anthony Barlow
August 17, 2008, 2:39 pm
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An exciting week here at XeNonX. I’ve been joined by two new editors, Steve M and C.B. Those additions mean that there’ll be a small change in the format of this feature. Each editor will now have their own individual space within ‘What Games Do You Game?’, thus letting readers know what each of us have been playing over the past week.


  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed (PS3 Via PSN) – This game is hard. I really do love this game but the difficulty is getting to me a little bit, often leading to me quitting the game through sheer frustration. Then again, i’ve probably not mastered all there is to the game yet so that’ll probably make it a little harder. This game is a steal at £6.99, I urge everyone to go out and but it, go on go now.
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – How much more can I say about this game? I’m guessing not much because it’s already been said. Here’s a recommendation for ya – This game has been out for about 8 months and i’m still playing it. Yes that’s how good it is.
  • FIFA 09 (PS3) – I played this at M Festival (as most of you should know) and I have to say that it beats out any other footy game out right now and PES is gonna have to try a hell of a lot harder to beat EA on this one. Can’t wait for the game to come out in October!

That’s it for this week, from me at least. I can’t believe how short that list is, it’s usually jam packed with stuff. I also think that this is the first week since I got Rock Band that it’s not been in the list, shocking isn’t it. I’ll hand you over to Steve M for his 1st appearance on ‘WGDYG?’.

Well my first stab at contributing to WHAT GAMES DO YOU GAME? is a pretty limited affair this week, but I’ll endeavour to remember what exactly has been occupying my gaming time over the last seven days.

  • Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3) – With the introduction of the conquest mode, I’m finding the online portion of this game to be one of the most enjoyable experiences when played with friends.  Yes finding a game free from the curse of lag can be problematic, but for me Bad Company is fun title and one that should be experienced by any fans of the genre.
  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed (PS3/PSN) – Only briefly started the game, and so far seems a fun little distraction.
  • Tiger Woods ’09 DEMO (PS3) – Well as i self confessed golfing nut, I took EA Sports latest for a test.  Have to say I’m suitably impressed with this years incarnation, subtle tweaking of the control system and an improved graphics engine have gone some way to ensure I’ll be spending a lot of time with the full game.
  • Vampire Rain: Altered Species DEMO (PS3) – Lets just not go through this again, if you really want to know what I thought then follow the link.

So that really is it for my gaming this week, nothing too extensive and can see it remaining that way throughout the rest of the month.  Things should get a little busier over the next few months as we start to see the summer gaming drought finally ending.

[Steve M]

What Games Do You Game? (10.08.08) by Anthony Barlow
August 10, 2008, 1:24 pm
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It’s late this week, I know but i’ve been organising for Monday. Between the organising I have been gaming some games. There’s not much new stuff here but an old favourite has returned and i’m loving playing it again. The full list is below.

  • Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3) – I couldn’t resist grabbing some trophies here and i’ve pretty much got all of ’em. This game still looks amazing and is still one of the best games on the PS3. I can’t wait to see what happens at Leipzig and if that rumored ‘Uncharted 2’ announcement is real. Trophies are definitely an incentive for me now, but they’re not the be all and end all.
  • Buzz!: Quiz TV (PS3) – I actually think that this has only been in the list once (in the week I bought it) and it’s a shame really because this game is really cool. Once again the PS3’s new trophies have become a big incentive to play this game but I can see me playing this for ages even if I do get all the trophies.
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – Sniping in this game is awesome! People I play with will know that in COD4 sniping is my forte and I can’t stand people sniping when they’re using assault rifles and if they can’t hit anything. Leave the sniping to the pro’s people. I say it every time this game is in the list, it is the best FPS on any console and I don’t think anything will be beating it for a while.
  • PixelJunk Eden (PS3/PSN) – This was one of my most anticipated PSN games of the year and it hasn’t disappointed. I’m loving it and you can play it for hours without even noticing. That’s gotta be a great recommendation.
  • UEFA Euro 2008 (PS3) – When is an EA footy game not in this list? (Answer: NEVER!). EA Sports have stepped their game up and are now absolutely battering Pro Evolution Soccer. I’m playing FIFA 09 on Monday (@ M Festival) and will definitely be giving my impressions. From what i’ve seen FIFA 09 looks like it’s using the same engine as this game which can’t be a bad thing.
  • Rock Band (PS3) – Still the best rhythm game out there. The DLC hasn’t been the best over the last couple of weeks but hopefully Harmonix will step it up and add some really good stuff. Joy Division is a must for this game.

So that’s it for this week. The list is fairly similar to last weeks but there is some new additions there. August looks like it might bring some new games to the list with BCR and Ratchet coming out on PSN August looks like a good month.

What Games Do You Game? – Two Weeks Worth Right Here by Anthony Barlow
August 1, 2008, 12:26 am
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Sorry I haven’t been as active with the postings this week but It’s not all my fault. It’s the week after E3, there isn’t much news. Well that was a bit off topic, anyway here we are again for a double dose of WGDYG? and hey there’s a lot this week.

  • PixelJunk Eden (PS3 Via PSN) – Now this might be the newbie of my game collection but it’s gotta be one of the most played games this week, even if i’ve only had it (it being the full game) a matter of hours. The game is simple but great the concept might not have been welcomed with open arms by the general public (probably because we had no clue what it was) but now with the demo and the game out there on the PSN why would no one try this? It’s a great game and will be played by me, and probably everyone else who bought it, for a long time. Plus it’s the second game to support the PS3’s new trophy system, another great reason to pick this one up.
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – Ah, another old favourite has crept in again. Call Of Duty 4 has got to be the only game that after being out for almost 8 months is still great fun to play online. I’ve got to admit sniping a rank 10 (prestige 10) player from across the map and hearing his reaction on Crossfire will never get old.
  • UEFA Euro 2008 (PS3) – Not a week (or two) goes by without a footy game being in this list and it’s unsurprising because EA have pulled out all the stops on their last two footy games. I really do hope that they don’t drop the ball on FIFA 09, it won’t be long before I find out.
  • Rock Band (PS3) – Guitar Hero eat your heart out, Rock Band is the number one music rhythm game out their right now. I love GH but the tracklist for RB is immense. I was playing the game today and came across songs i’d never played before. It’s always nice to see that there’s undiscovered stuff in a game you’ve been playing for a while. I wish Harmonix would bring some Joy Division to the game though, that’d be more than sweet.
  • Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3) – This is one from last week as i’ve not really played it this week. The single player seems really short as i’ve not been playing long and i’ve nearly finished it. Online is still cool but with only one mode I can see it getting old fast. It’s unlikely this’ll last very long for many people after August.
  • NBA 2K8 (PS3) – Another oldie on the list again. I don’t know why but every once in a while this game just grabs me and almost makes me play it. The ‘association’ mode is sweet and lasts ages and is great to play with a lower rated side (I chose the Portland Trailblazers). It’s still great and I can’t wait to see what 2K do with the latest edition.

Well that’s it from WGDYG?. I’ve played a lot of games over the past two weeks and it’s surprising that only two of them are relatively new. I have let the blog slip a little after E3 but normal service will resume next week.

What Games Do You Game? (19.07.08) by Anthony Barlow

Not too much gaming this week. Lots of E3 stuff plus i’ve not been home quite a bit so that doesn’t help. Anyway, let’s get this show on the road.

  • UEFA Euro 2008 (PS3) – This has been the game of the week, no doubt about it. It’s the king of footy games and i just hope EA follow this up with an equally, if not better, FIFA. Bulgaria Vs. Sweeden seems to be the match of choice. Quite weird but very good.
  • Rock Band (PS3) – Ah, old faithful. It’s not surprising that this game makes it in each week because it’s so awesome. The new DLC (The Who) rocks especially ‘Emminence Front’ and ‘Baba O’Reily’. I can’t wait for the sequel but this will definitely keep me going for now.
  • Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3) – Another great game and great fun online. I wish there was a different game mode to play online but other than that it’s sweet. The single player game is ok there’s not much to it and the story is a bit weak still great for £29.
  • Buzz: Quiz TV (PS3) – Just picket this up and it’s great. Online is cool and really fun and well worth what I paid for it (£25). I’ll be making some quizzes myself so be sure to check ’em out. The DLC sounds cool too but I’ve not got any money yet.

Yeah, that’s it. As you can see i’ve not had much time to play games over E3 week but believe me, there’ll be a lot more games on next week’s list.

What Games Do You Game? (11.07.08) by Anthony Barlow
July 12, 2008, 12:07 am
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Yeah last week was an early one, this weeks is a late one. I’ve got an amazing array of games to play over the summer and some of ’em have cropped up this week. Most of the regulars are here but there are some new additions. Here goes nothing.

  • Batttlefield: Bad Company (PS3) – Not played too much of the single player yet but have been playing multiplayer pretty much all day and i’ve got to say it’s £29 well spent! Not too much to report as i’ve been playing only a few hours but what i’ve played seems cool if not a tad laggy.
  • Rock Band (PS3)The old favourite has shifted up a little since last week and is still going strong. I still rate it as the best party/multiplayer game on the market even if you have to import (PS3 at least) to play it. The new RHCP tracks came out yesterday and they’re sweet! Picked up those and the Cruefest pack today and they’re really good fun. I’ve been testing the water on the drumming front and i’ve got to say it’s really cool. Will be playing that a lot more now (solo drum tour!).
  • Burnout Paradise (PS3) – The wanderer (or rather, the traded in) returns and with a new patch. Don’t remember why I traded this in it’s so cool. The new custom soundtrack feature is really good plus it looks like they’ve done a lot of additions on other fronts too. Can’t wait for the next upadte hopefully it’ll add trophies!
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – Played this for ages last night and with Ad a bit worse for wear (a bit pissed you could say) it was hilarious. Sniping people across the map with Mr. Mister’s ‘Broken Wings’ playing in my headphones was an experience everyone should have. Still the best FPS out there and will probably last longer than Battlefield: Bad Company does.
  • Super Stardust HD (PSN/PS3) – It’s the only trophy supporting game at the moment so I guess it’ll have to do. Still haven’t gotten em all yet but i’m definitely still trying but with all of these other games to play it’ll be a push.
  • Everybody’s Golf: World Tour (PS3) – The premiere golf game on the PS3 in my opinion. Great fun and it murders EA’s Tiger Woods franchise. It might look kiddy but it’s probably one of the best sports games the PS3 has and that’s saying something. I’m progressing through the ‘challenge mode’ to try and get me some stuff before challenging the others online.

    So that’s it for this weeks ‘WGDYG?’. There’s a hell of a lot of games there and with me having ages off now it shouldn’t be hard to find some new additions to the list.

    What Games Do You Game? (04.07.08) by Anthony Barlow
    July 4, 2008, 8:43 am
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    Yeah a nice refreshing early edition of ‘What Games Do You Game?’ this week. With all the trophies and cool stuff happening this week Super Stardust has been on the menu mostly this week but with my seemingly unattainable copy of Everybody’s Golf back from Sony there has been a bit more to play. I wish people would stop playing Battlefield: Bad Company and play MGO though (you know who you are :)).

    • Super Stardust HD (PS3 – PSN Download) – Yep with the trophies arriving this game has once again become one of my most favoured titles. I have got a wide range of trophies (51 %) but can’t wait for more stuff to get them. This should tide me over for now though.
    • UEFA Euro 2008 (PS3) – Unsurprisingly there’s an EA footy title in this week (there’s always one) still great fun online (go Bulgaria!) it’s just a shame i’m not very good. This game shows that EA’s new FIFA game has a lot to live up to but I wouldn’t be surprised if they just expanded on what they’ve got because this is sweet.
    • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – This seems to have crept slowly back into my gaming playlist. It’s still a ton of fun online and is still the best FPS on the market for both single and multiplayer. I hope Infinity Ward add achievements trophies to this one (and rumble) but it’s doubtful but hey, fingers crossed.
    • Stuntman: Ignition (PS3) – I’m actually really enjoying this game. Yeah it’s simple and a bit repetitive but for £9 it’s great! Not played it much since the update but the series has been scrapped so it’s extremely unlikely they’ll patch this one .
    • Rock Band (PS3) – No edition of ‘WGDYG?’ would be complete without Rock Band. It’s, for me, the pinicle of offline multiplayer games and with the amazing ammount of DLC available it never gets old I do wish they’d patch in a massive ‘create-a-setlist’ mode where you could pick 10 or 20 songs and play ’em back to back. That’d be really cool (RB 2 perhaps?)

    Well that just about rounds up ‘WGDYG?’ for this week. It’s likely that I’ll be picking up a few new titles over the next week or two so they’ll probably get in there at some point, but for this week cya!

    P.S. I’m working on a new logo for the segment it should be added to the post later on today :).

    What Games Do You Game? (25.06.08) by Anthony Barlow
    June 25, 2008, 4:10 pm
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    Yeah I ‘forgot’ to put up WGDYG? last week so I’m gonna do it a little earlier this week. Over the past two weeks I’ve gamed quite a lot actually, i’ve pretty much finished college until September giving me a hell of a lot of time to play games. I might have to catch up on that list of stuff I should’ve played. Anyway here’s two weeks worth of ‘What Games Do You Game?’.

    • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots – It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? I am a self proclaimed Metal Gear Solid fanboy so what else would I be playing. As you may or may not know I have finished MGS4 and loved it. I’ve not tried MGO yet but have started the campaign again on a harder difficulty and will be playing that for a while longer.
    • FIFA 08 – It’s made it’s comeback! I’ve been playing a little bit more FIFA lately and it’s as good as ever, I can’t wait for FIFA 09 it should be amazing.
    • Rock Band – The everpresent entity (that might be a bit to far) that is Rock Band has also been one of my most played games over the past two weeks and with the announcement of more Weezer it just keeps getting better.
    • Top Spin 3 – A new addition to my collection 2K Sports’ Top Spin is really cool. It’s not as arcadey as Virtua Tennis 3 which, for me, makes it a hell of a lot better. Not played too much of it but it’s a great game. It’s cool online and definitely one to be played in multiplayer.

    What Games Do You Game? by Anthony Barlow
    June 15, 2008, 5:47 pm
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    Yep, MGS4 has been the only game i’ve played this week. It’s amazing read all of the other storeis about MGS4 and you’ll see why i’ve only played this.’Technically’ i’ve played other things but MGS4 is all that really matters. I’m gonna take this time to say sorry that all of the stuff didn’t go up this week. It was partly to do with being overworked at college and Metal Gear 4but rest assured next week i’ll have it all.

    What Games Do You Game? by Anthony Barlow
    April 11, 2008, 5:14 pm
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    Yep it’s time for my new regular item ‘What Games Do You Game?’. So here’s what I’ve been gaming this week.

    • Dark Sector – Like I said in a previous post I picked up Dark Sector this week and i’m having a ton of fun with it. Great game it just seems a little weird and also a bit short but it’s cool for now just to fill in the gaming gap. Look out for my review when I’m finished
    • Fight Night Round 3 – Yeah an oldie bot a goodie. Borrowed this from a friend of my brother’s this week(saves me buying it) and it’s another game i’ve been having a ton of fun with it bridges the gap anyway, plus the online’s cool. Hope they bring another one out soon.
    • Rock Band – Slipped down a bit as there’s been no content updates (can’t wait for next week). Anyway it’s still great even if solo does get a bit tiring. It’s just been announced that it’s coming to the EU for around £180, glad I imported now (only paid £125 incl. delivery).
    • Pixel Junk Monsters – A little bit on the casual side but still really cool. I’m nowhere in it yet but can’t wait for the update, it’s rumored to be coming next week!

    So that’s it for this weeks ‘What Games Do You Game?’. Feel free to list your games for this week in the comments section under this post. Cya!