What Games Do You Game? by Anthony Barlow
May 4, 2008, 9:43 pm
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After receiving my PS3 back from Sony on the 29th I’ve played little other than GTA IV. Here goes anyway.

  • GTA IV – An obvious choice and is keeping me engrossed so it looks like nothing serious is gonna get in the way of Grand Theft Auto IV. Haze is out towards the end of May so that might take down some of GTA’s massive lead as my most played game. I have put my pre-order in for Haze but if the demo is crap then GTA will definitely keep me going until MGS4.
  • FIFA 08 – A more casual, less time consuming game coming in second (and last). Lost my save file for this, like everything else, when Sony took my PS3. I didn’t want to download a GameFaqs save like I did for almost everything else because FIFA is so good.

I did think mainstays like Rock Band and PJM might have just made it in but GTA has just been getting better and better. Anyone who doesn’t yet own this game should buy it now, for fear of losing any credibility they may have as a player of video games.

I have not just been gaming this week though. I watched the alternate cut of ‘I Am Legend’ today. Personally I feel the original ending was better, but the alternate ending is still cool and is totally different from the original.

MGO Beta – Still Not Played :( by Anthony Barlow
May 3, 2008, 7:45 pm
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With GTA coming out and my PS3 being dead I have yet to play the beta for Metal Gear Online. I’m currently downloading the 1st damn update! It’s currently at 0% and seems to be taking ages. I really want to play the mode as Snake so hopefully it gets it’s arse in gear pretty quickly so I can play.

Best Soundtracks Ever by Anthony Barlow
April 27, 2008, 1:24 pm
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Yeah, I got myself the soundtracks for GTA Vice City & San Andreas and have realized just how much my musical taste has grown in 6 years. Of course I knew of David Bowie and Lionel Ritchie but I didn’t know their music, if you know what I mean.

Just looking through the track lists for both games made me want to go and get these and I’m glad I did. I basically thought that using these soundtracks in GTA IV (If it has custom soundtracks on the PS3 – I haven’t succumbed to the spoilers). I thought it’d be cool listening to some of the older radio stations in the game and that was a big selling point on these soundtracks for me.

I really do hope the PS3 version of GTA IV supports custom soundtracks because these soundtracks will be even better then.

The GTA Countdown Reincarnated As The PS3 Countdown. by Anthony Barlow
April 25, 2008, 12:19 pm
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Yeah the GTA countdown has been reincarnated. It has taken the new form of the PS3 countdown which is, believe it or not, the countdown until I get my PS3 back from Sony. I’ll be documenting my ever mounting boredom without my PS3 for 4 whole days!

I will be posting my usual stuff like daily events but will be interjecting the posts with music to fit the mood.

I’m not currently at home and can’t access YouTube so there’ll be no music in the first post but it will appear later today.

GTA Countdown 24/25th April 2008 – 4 Days To Go! (R.I.P.) by Anthony Barlow


Here Lies Barmelo’s PS3

11.05.07 (approx.) – 25.04.08

Yeah folks, my PS3 is pushing up the daises (hey let’s get the guy from the show in) and it’s final curtain has finally fell. My beloved Playstation 3 has lasted less than a year before becoming one of the 1% of PS3’s to have failed. It’s a sad day, a truly sad day. I have contacted Sony and as it’s under warranty they WILL be sending me a ‘new’ console free of charge, which should arrive on TUESDAY!

Why Tuesday of all days? Why that day? Tuesday is GTA day and that’s not good especially if I don’t get it back whilst 6pm and/or my Special Edition of GTA arrives early (which is possible). I guess it could be worse I could’ve ended up with no console for ages (a la Microsoft & the 360). I tried all of my local GAME shops and they’ve no 60GB consoles as they’re discontinued so i have to rely on Sony not to mess it up.

I was having a rather good day up until that point too. I was off college so I decided that in my time of boredom that i’d visit the ol’ cinema and watch a film. Well I rushed into the Odeon @ The Trafford Centre just in time to catch the beginning of the movie, that movie being the new Judd Apatow produced comedy, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ starring Russell Brand (Various), Kristin Bell (Heroes/Veronica Mars) & Jason Segel (Knocked Up/How I Met Your Mother).

Yeah it was a pretty good movie. Russell Brand portrays, well, himself (with a different name o’ course) and because of that, and the fact I like Mr. Brand’s stand-up comedy, I thought it was a damn good movie and it pretty much had me laughing throughout.

God i sounded like a reviewer there. Well I guess that’s my mini review on ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and my verdict is that if you like Russell Brand and movies like ‘Knocked Up’ & ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ then this movie is for you.

Other than that i’ve been sat waiting for nothing as my PS3’s dead and i’ve absolutely nothing planned i’m pretty much gonna be bored until it turns up or something rather eventful happens.

N.B. As a mark of respect for my PS3 (lol) I will stop posting the GTA countdown as of today, thank you.

I would also like to dedicate this to my fallen comrade.

Joy Division – ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’

GTA Countdown – 21st & 22nd April 2008 (One Week Left!) by Anthony Barlow
April 22, 2008, 12:39 pm
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Yeah so it’s only seven little days until I, like many others, get my hands on GTA. I’m back in college in college now so postings will be a little less frequent but as the week ticks down i’ll try and post daily. So let me recap the last two days.

21st April 2008

Back in college today after a very nice break. After spending a few meager hours doing work in college I was off back home ready to chill out and as per usual play some games. Was more than looking forward to playing the MGSO Beta but as it was postponed I played some Euro 2008 online. Which, although it was a little laggy, was really good even if I did get beat in every game. Didn’t do much as I was really knackered I did watch some of the 1st season of ‘Lost’ but that was about it.

22nd April 2008

Now for today. Well at this precise moment i’m sat in college and meant to be working and listening to Lupe Fiasco (one of the few rappers I like). Started to read books because I’m so bored of the wait between now and next Tuesday. Currently reading ‘I Am Legend’ by Richard Matheson. Reading seems to pass the time quite well. Feeling I should have brought my PSP and used remote play to play some Pixel Junk Monsters. I’ll probably play some Euro 2008 and finish off the 1st disc of ‘Lost’ season 1 tonight.

That’s it for now. I really can’t wait for GTA now. I should have my two copies on Tuesday and will be sending someone out on an errand to take one to be traded in. Got to pay for my special edition tomorrow (£69.99) and my standard one on Sunday (£36.99). I’m paying a lot of money but it’s worth it really as I’ll probably get about £30 back when I trade a copy in anyway.

GTA Countdown – 17th April 2008 (12 Days To Go!) by Anthony Barlow
April 18, 2008, 1:52 am
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The best gaming day (for me at least) between now and GTA with a whole host of crazy crap to play I don’t know how i’m gonna get to write about it all, but I will.

First up. I checked the, newly updated, PS Store today and found some nice new content for some of my favorite games. We got a new add-on pack for Warhawk (as did the U.S.). Operation Broken Mirror launched today and although i’m yet to download it (lack of funds) but will do as Warhawk is cool and new content is always good. Alongside that both the EU and US got a new add-on pack for Super Stardust HD which adds some cool features but is another one i’m yet to download. For the full list from both stores check out my new feature to be announced shortly.

Today’s best new content is the MGS Online BETA which hit the EU store for free and for anyone, unlike the US. After finding that a rather slow downloading patch was needed I set it aside for later on (it’s just finished now) and played Euro 2008.

Yep I finished Dark Sector last night around midnight (as was said in last night’s/yesterday morning’s post) and took it back to my not so local gaming outlet where, after a few hours of waiting for a delivery, I picked up UEFA Euro 2008 on the PS3. I’m having an awesome time with it so far and will be posting my early impressions soon. This will definitely tide me over until GTA for which i’m extremely happy as I have run out of dosh, but will have it for the release of GTA.

So guys, the possible pinacle of the wait comes on the 12th day. Is it all downhill from here? Can I survive without spending until May? All will be reveled soon enough, but for now this is the XeNonX GTA Countdown for 17th April 2008, I’ve been Barmelo and I’m out.