Capcom Talks Street Fighter IV DLC by Anthony Barlow
February 6, 2009, 9:50 am
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[By Anthony]

It’s one week until, arguably the biggest fighting franchise ever, Street Fighter returns to the shelves and already Capcom are talking downloadable content. Like many other fighting franchises that have hit the current generation of consoles downloadable content will be offered. Famitsu revealed earlier this week that Street Fighter IV would be getting downloadable content. Nice. What’s nicer is, some of it will be free. Continue reading

Mirrors Edge DLC To Bring More Trophies by Ad's
January 22, 2009, 10:32 am
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[By Ad’s]

The forthcoming DLC for Mirrors Edge will contain  6 new Trophies, a gold, two silver and three Bronze. The gold being particularly hard, you need to “Attain a Time Trial star rating of 90″. The content is due to hit the PSN on the 29th for $10/£6. Don’t forget there will also be a free exclusive PS3 level. 🙂

Trophies in full. Continue reading

Criterion plans to give us even more Burnout Paradise DLC in ’09 by Ryan Gray
November 14, 2008, 9:34 pm
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[By Ryan]

Criterion is giving us more DLC for Burnout Paradise in 2009. Shocking. This time it’s “Toy Cars”. Of the nine cars that are being released in this pack, we know of five of them. So far there is the Hunter Manhatten, Hunter Takedown 4×4, Carson GT, Concept P12 and the Kreiger Racing WTR. I am not sure if all of those five are pictured above, but the picture gives you a hint of what they mean by toy cars. I guess any DLC that Criterion puts out is good DLC, so keep your eyes peeled for this in 2009 to build your ever growing collection of whips on Burnout Paradise.

5 More Costumes Coming To LBP This Week by Anthony Barlow
November 12, 2008, 12:12 am
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[By Anthony]

The official Japanese LittleBigPlanet site has given up a nice bit of info regarding future downloadable costumes for Sackboy. An image on the site (above) shows five new costumes, all of which are suposedly coming out this week. I think the Mainichi Issyo ones are out but the rest (Cameleon, Gorilla & Shark) are all viable costumes for both North American and European markets too. It’s not yet been confirmed if these will be coming to Western territories this week, I can’t see why they won’t though.

EA Giving Us Lots Of Dead Space DLC by Anthony Barlow
November 11, 2008, 12:40 am
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[By Anthony]

Now when I say “giving” I mean charging us for. This week EA will roll out TWELVE, yes twelve, new downloadable content packs for their successful survival horror game Dead Space. As is the norm with DLC, some of it’s good and some is just plain poor. EA have struck a good balance here. They’re providing players with new and upgraded weapons. Good. They’re also selling graphical upgrades (i.e. skin packs for weapons). Not good. Hit the jump for the full list. Continue reading

New Cars Coming To Burnout Paradise As First Paid-For DLC by Anthony Barlow
November 8, 2008, 8:32 pm
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[By Ryan]

That’s not a typo, there actually is a hover car coming to Burnout Paradise. Of course the guys at Criterion Games would continue to release awesome DLC on a regular basis, so this shouldn’t be a
surprise.  Also coming is the, Countach lookalike, the Cavalry Bootlegger, the Manhattan Sprint and the GT Nighthawk. There’s no price point yet, knowing Criterion they’ll be reasonable. Below you can see the car with and without wheels.

Burnout Finally Getting Paid For DLC by Anthony Barlow
November 1, 2008, 12:44 am
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[By Anthony]

The time has come. Criterion have provided us loyal Burnout fans with masses of free downloadable content but it looks like, for now, that’s over. Criterion have announced that they’ll be releasing a new, paid for, peice of DLC called ‘Party’. This new mode will be an 8-player ‘pass the controller’ mode. As well as adding a new mode this DLC will make changes to the visuals, making them brighter and seemingly more ‘family friendly’.

“We’ve overhauled not just the presentation screens but also the in-game visuals, which are now brighter and more colourful in recognition of Burnout’s new party theme.”

This DLC will be released in 2009. No word on price yet, but for many I think this will be something that passes them by. Criterion have also announced that there will be an improved edition of Burnout: Paradise, named The Ultimate Box which will include all the updates and the party mode and will be released in 2009 too. Looks like it has trophies too.

It was to be expected, but at least we got some amazing DLC for free. It wouldn’t last forever would it.