Fallout 3 – Exclusive DLC For 360 & PC by Anthony Barlow
July 15, 2008, 7:06 am
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Sony are really having a bad E3 so far. FFXIII is no longer exclusive and now this. It was announced at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday that Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG ‘Fallout 3’ was to have ‘exclusive’ downloadable content for the Xbox 360 & PC.

The DLC is said to be “substantial” but I wouldn’t loose hope just yet as it’s still unconfirmed if this deal features all ‘Fallout 3’ DLC or just certain exclusive packs. I do hope that this is the case because I hate that DLC gets to be exclusive. 1st GTA IV now this, Microsoft are trying to sabotage the competition by throwing their money at everyone. Not good for the industry if you ask me. Like I said it’s unconfirmed if the 360’s DLC will be exclusive with the PS3 getting it’s own, but here’s hoping it is. The whole thing seems similar to the DLC stuff for GTA which has yet to be talked about by anyone. I just can’t see companies turning down the chance to print money.

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