MGO Gets Updated by Anthony Barlow
November 26, 2008, 12:52 pm
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[By Anthony]

Konami have released the 1.20 update for Metal Gear Online. The new patch adds support for the MEME pack as well as a few new things such as: the ‘headshot’s invalid lobby’ and ‘Stealth deathmatch’. This all sounds well and good, if only it was a better game. Hit the jump for the full list. Continue reading

MGO MEME Pack Dated by Anthony Barlow
November 17, 2008, 11:20 am
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[By Anthony]

Konami are still pumping out expansions for Metal Gear Online. The MEME pack, announced back at Leipzig, is to hit Japanese shores on November 25th. A combined pack of the GENE and MEME packs is also set to be released on the same day. I think MGO is a massive missed opportunity, there’s so many things it could’ve done to be better. It’d be nice to see a new, better version of the game. I doubt we’ll be seeing it soon though.

What Games Do You Game? (25.06.08) by Anthony Barlow
June 25, 2008, 4:10 pm
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Yeah I ‘forgot’ to put up WGDYG? last week so I’m gonna do it a little earlier this week. Over the past two weeks I’ve gamed quite a lot actually, i’ve pretty much finished college until September giving me a hell of a lot of time to play games. I might have to catch up on that list of stuff I should’ve played. Anyway here’s two weeks worth of ‘What Games Do You Game?’.

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots – It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? I am a self proclaimed Metal Gear Solid fanboy so what else would I be playing. As you may or may not know I have finished MGS4 and loved it. I’ve not tried MGO yet but have started the campaign again on a harder difficulty and will be playing that for a while longer.
  • FIFA 08 – It’s made it’s comeback! I’ve been playing a little bit more FIFA lately and it’s as good as ever, I can’t wait for FIFA 09 it should be amazing.
  • Rock Band – The everpresent entity (that might be a bit to far) that is Rock Band has also been one of my most played games over the past two weeks and with the announcement of more Weezer it just keeps getting better.
  • Top Spin 3 – A new addition to my collection 2K Sports’ Top Spin is really cool. It’s not as arcadey as Virtua Tennis 3 which, for me, makes it a hell of a lot better. Not played too much of it but it’s a great game. It’s cool online and definitely one to be played in multiplayer.

Metal Gear 4 Ships 1m In Europe by Anthony Barlow
June 24, 2008, 1:04 pm
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It’s not just Americans & The Japanese that like MGS (who doesn’t?). It has come to light that we here in Europe (I hate it when people say ‘Europe’ like it’s one country), like Metal Gear too. No shit sherlock! Apparently MGS4 has shipped 1 million copies across all European territories.

Martin Schneider the ‘Sales & Marketing Director Germany’ for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has blurted out this nice little piece of info.

“The Metal Gear Solid series has again proved its huge potential, and we are delighted with the fantastic response the game has enjoyed at retail… MGS4 is nothing short of a masterpiece — an epic conclusion to the Solid Snake story. We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback we have received from retail and consumers alike, and will keep satisfying their needs with updates to the game’s ‘Extra’ option, and via new content to Metal Gear Online.”

Sounds like Konami are aiming to keep us playing for a while longer. New content for MGO sounds cool, here’s hoping it’s free.

MGS4 Finished by Anthony Barlow
June 18, 2008, 9:28 pm
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Is this a good or bad thing? Last night I finished the masterpiece that is Metal Gear Solid 4. Don’t worry I won’t ruin it for those who have yet to finish it but all I will say is oh my god! interpret that as you want. I will definitely play it again, maybe not right away but I definitely will play it again. I’ve not experienced the full online yet but I’ve heard that it has progressed from how it was in last month’s beta and is well worth playing.

I’ve got DMC4, ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus as well as my newly received copy of Top Spin 3 (more on that later).

[Update] – Just gonna play some MGO for an hour or so now will give details tomorrow.

[Another Update] – MGO servers seem to be down 😦 No MGO tonight then. I’ll probably just stick some ‘Lost’ on so I can send the disc back tomorrow.

What Games Do You Game? by Anthony Barlow
June 15, 2008, 5:47 pm
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Yep, MGS4 has been the only game i’ve played this week. It’s amazing read all of the other storeis about MGS4 and you’ll see why i’ve only played this.’Technically’ i’ve played other things but MGS4 is all that really matters. I’m gonna take this time to say sorry that all of the stuff didn’t go up this week. It was partly to do with being overworked at college and Metal Gear 4but rest assured next week i’ll have it all.

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! by Anthony Barlow
June 15, 2008, 2:09 am
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Yeah I got it. Of course I got it it’s THE biggest title of the year (yeah I said it) and it’s Metal Gear nuff said. Been playing for ‘technically’ four days now and i’m up to the 4th act. I don’t want it to end it’s soooooooo good. It will be one of the few games I will definitely play again (like all the other MGS’s).

The cutscenes are AMAZING! and are better quality than most of today’s movies. The voice acting is great as ever and David Hayter excels himself once again as Snake. The guy who voices Drebin is great too probably second behind Hayter.

The game is much more accessible than the previous games and in fact, as hardcore an MGS guy I am I played almost the entire first act as a shooter. This is one of the main reasons i’m gonna replay it, to be more stealthy.

This game has had some of the best reviews out there apart from Eurogamer (An 8! WTF?). A jewel in the PS3’s crown that will hopefully propel the PS3 to new heights and make it a true contender in the war against terror the console war and kick the Wii’s tiny little white, motion controlled, DVD drive head in and set South Park’s ‘Christmas Critters’ on them to urinate in eyeballs and spread AIDS throughout the Nintendo fanboy community *rant over*.

It’s amazing that all of my 360 loving mates now have balls all to talk about with MGS being released. Oh Ninja Gaiden II’s out whoopee! Ninja Gaiden II is a button mashing, slash fest piece of over the top crap. It looks more like a polished turd than it does MGS *rant over (again)*

Anyway MGS is the BEST game out in the last 10 years surprisingly that coincides with the released of MGS1 no coincidence there then *wink*