TV News: New Prison Break & Entourage Coming Next Month! by Anthony Barlow
August 9, 2008, 2:05 am
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This site is generally not known for it’s TV news (in fact I don’t think i’ve ever posted any), but these two shows are so exceptionally good they deserve a mention. Like I said before, September is a big month for a lot of things. There’s a lot of good games coming out then but the news that there’ll be new Prison Break and Entourage is the icing on the cake.

I’m a massive fan of both shows and can’t wait to see what happens next. Micheal Schofield is on the warpath after the company killed his girlfrind and Vince and his entourage are looking toward their new movie Shilo (I think that’s how you spell it). I can’t wait to see what happens.

Seems like a good couple of months for all things entertainment then.


Legen-wait for it-dary! by Anthony Barlow
July 21, 2008, 3:30 pm
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I watched the new Harold & Kumar movie (yes it’s crap) last nightand found that, like the original, it does feature Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson fom How I Met Your Mother) which is awesome! I did see some of the posters featuring Harris and because of that slogan I am starting a revolution (a cult if you like) based around the saying above. What Would Neil Patrick Harris Do?

Who needs jesus when you’ve got a wingman like NPH?

For those who think i’ve gone completely mental. I have.

Come on people join the cult campaign and remember, if you don’t know what to do, just ask yourself “WWNPHD?” and you’ll find the answer.

Sorry I thought that slogan was amazing and i said to myself “that’s so going in my blog!”. Did anyone pick up the HIMYM references there? That image would be so good on a t-shirt.

PSN Video Store Goes Live – Or Does It? by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 2:49 pm
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Eric Lempel announced yesterday at E3 that Sony’s video download service would go live last night. Apparently it did but for me over here in the UK it didn’t and it dosen’t look like I can access the American one either. I can see the big advert on the PS Store for it but nothing happens.

Have Sony now taken to region locking? Damn you (for now) Lempel damn you!

Answers on a postcard please people (or maybe just in the comments section).

Hopefully Not Another Essay by Anthony Barlow
March 16, 2008, 10:11 pm
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Yes, the last ‘corner’ was a bit lengthy but then I did have a lot to write about :). This post will sadly not be as long.

So i’m gonna kick it off with the gaming side of things. This week I finally finished Assasin’s Creed as well as Ratchet & Clank. I thought I might go after flags, Templars and the like on Ass. Creed but thought about the pain it might cause me and others so I think i’ll give that one a miss. However, Ratchet & Clank was really cool throughout and i might go and replay it on ‘Challenge Mode’ and get all of the secret stuff.

I tried and failed in my attempt to bother to complete Resistance before Rainbow Six Vegas 2 comes out. It’s just really annoying compared to all the other FPS games out there. Saying that I did play online a few nights ago and it was pretty cool, but I think it won’t carry on as the almighty Tom Clancy gets in the way again.

Other than that i’ve had a few brief stints on COD4 and FIFA 08 was not left out either as mine and Adails skills in ‘Be A Pro’ mode continue to shine.

No new tracks, that i’m bothered about anyway, for Rock Band again this week so I gave it a miss in favor of working my way through some of my single player games.

No co-op Army Of Two this week for XeNonX’s own Army Of Two (Me & Adails) but I did have a go in single player before and it’s not as fun but it’s till pretty cool.

(It’s lookin’ like another lengthy one).

Stepping away from games now and I was pleasantly surprised to see that South Park’s new season has started airing in the U.S. I caught the 1st episode and once again it stared out a bit slow but was really good and definitely must see TV. I’ve also been watching a bit of the second season of ‘Heroes’ this week moving on to the 5th episode now and it’s really beginning to heat up so loving that as well but that’s about it for the big and small screens for me.

Nothing else to report but will make sure to give my impressions of R6V2 next time and possibly Dark Sector it all depends on if I have enough trade credit to get the damn thing.

Well that’s it for this week from my personal brainbox will be posting a little more frequently hopefully but then again I said that last week. I’m possibly gonna try out a new format for this thing to make it a bit easier in the future.

So, catch ya later

Barmelo’s Corner: The Longest Blog Post Ever by Anthony Barlow
March 5, 2008, 12:34 pm
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Yes from now on you’ll probably be recieving my input on a daily basis in this section. Basically I just chat on about almost anything gaming related so i’ll kick this one off right now.

I’m going to kick off with what i’ve been playing over the last few weeks, which should really interest everyone. Well i’ve been trying to burn through a few of my incomplete games so I can focus on the next few months releases. Over the last few weeks i’ve finished Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and I really did like that one and hope they add another chapter because, for me, that was the PS3’s first big AAA title. Another game I finished was the stylistic John Woo created Stranglehold, now while it’s not that big of a title it certainly was good fun even if it was a bit shallow and repetetive a good shooter and should be easy to find cheap if you need something to play. I tried to burn through Assasins Creed the other day, and actually I got pretty far. Up to the 6th memory block now and pretty happy. The game is VERY repetetive but the ropey sci-fi story is what’s keeping me going and hopefully i’ll have finished it before Rainbow Six Vegas 2 comes out in a few weeks. I surprised myself with this latest entry but i’m really, and i mean really, enjoying playing Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction. I’m not much into platformers but this one is really cool: the story is great, the action is good, the weapons are cool and overall it’s a great game. I want to finish it but I think I might keep it and replay during the summer when nothing comes out! Obviously i’ve been playing FIFA 08 , as per usual, and I still love that game. Offline is sorta dying out for me now but online is still really good and playing alongside Ad’s in Be A Pro mode is really cool. I just wish more people had the game :(. So there was my week in review and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I hated writing it, which surprisingly wasn’t a lot.

My first real subject for today is EA’s new squad based shooter Army Of Two. After a few months delay (hopefully for the good) the game is coming out this Friday in the UK for the PS3 and 360 and i’m hoping to grab a copy (PS3) on Thursday from my not so local import shop. It looks pretty cool and multiplayer online campaign seems like it should be great. I just hope it dosen’t turn out to be a re-skinned Kane & Lynch…god I hated that game. So i’ll probably give my opinions on Friday after giving it a good few hours tomorrow.

Rock Band, what a buy that game was. I imported this a few months back and what a choice I made, this game is the best game for multiplayer out now and with the DLC keeping coming the fun dosen’t stop. It’s just a shame I can only play guitar but oh well it’s great fun in multiplayer I just hope they add online Band World Tour in a patch.

Now it’s time for a bit of a PSP post. With Patapon out last week and God Of War: Chains Of Olympus coming soon the PSP is on a bit of an upswing I’m actually glad I’ve got one now. Will be ordering Patapon soon whilst it’s only £11.99 on movietyme and should get God Of War soon too but I might have to give the PS2 originals a rent first just to get some story down before playing God Of War III.

Well I know this post is getting on a bit but i’m moving on to TV land now and there’s a fair bit to report.

First of all Prison Break finished it’s short season last week and I actually thought that it was pretty cool. The latest episode was really good and I urge everyone to watch the other two seasons because they were really good too, even if season two did dip a little in the middle.

Secondly i’d like to say that i’m REALLY happy that Entourage has been comissioned for a 5th season. Some didn’t think it’d survive the strike but i’m glad that Vince and the guys are back for a 5th season and really hoping that the show keeps up to the previous seasons standards. That’s another show i’ve been trying to sell to the other guys on the forum but it’s had no takers so far…oh well.

Now I said i was going to add something about everything and I am. Basically i’m gonna have a bit of a promo for The Smiths and Morrissey. I know Ad thinks they’re crap (amongst other things) but I really like their work and want to make that known to the world. Anyone who checks out this blog should go and listen to ‘This Charming Man’ it’s got to be one of their best songs so go on check it out now!

So there we have it, my post for today. This will be a bit more organised soon with the weekly playing thing coming at the begining of the week and but the general format will be here daily. So it’s bye for now.

Oh that was slimy wasn’t it