Fallout 3 Patch Is Live In Europe by Anthony Barlow
December 15, 2008, 7:07 pm
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[By Anthony]

I told you that Bethesda don’t wait around once there’s info out there. The latest update, which includes trophies and a number of game fixing changes. The game no longer stalls when you recieve notifications, which is great and means I can get to playing the game, albeit from the beginning, again.

The patch is only available in Europe at the time of writing, but i’m sure it’ll make it’s way across the atlantic soon enough.

Fallout 3 Trophy List Revealed by Anthony Barlow
December 12, 2008, 10:00 am
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[By Anthony]

Come January, or soon thereafter, trophy patches like this one should be a thing of the past. I had almost given up hope that Bethesda were actually going to patch the game, but thankfully I have been proven wrong. Hopefully the trophy patch will be the same one that fixes all the game crashing bugs that Fallout has on the PS3, which means I’ll actually be able to play it signed in soon (get in!). On a recent IGN podcast it was revealed that Pete Hines had said that Bethesda wouldn’t talk about the patch until they were ready to release it. Surely this means it’s imminent then? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hit the jump for the list, please be aware the list may contain some SPOILERS Continue reading

Fallout 3 Getting Trophies by Anthony Barlow
November 4, 2008, 10:05 pm
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[By Anthony]

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has told Eurogamer that the PS3 version of Fallout 3 will be getting trophy support. It was said before the game launched that it was possible that Bethesda would patch in trophies but nothing more was said. Personally, I see this as a peace offering to PS3 players after the ammount of bugs the PS3 version of Fallout has. Hopefully they’ll be fixed in the patch too. If that is the case, I can’t see it being too far away.

IGN Fallout 3 Review – There’s Been Some Changes by Anthony Barlow
October 29, 2008, 5:20 am
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[By Anthony]

Neocrisis have noticed some inacuracies with IGN’s review of Fallout 3. There have apparently been two versions of said review, the original one and an edited version. This wouldn’t be too significant if the section delated wasn’t so damn important. Hit the jump for the two pieces. Continue reading

Fallout 3 Goes Gold / Impressions by Ryan Gray
October 11, 2008, 9:49 pm
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It's hell, but I got mah doggy.

It's gonna be hell, but I got mah doggy.

[By Ryan]

The long awaited RPG Fallout 3 has finally gone gold. For those of you who don’t know much about the game or it’s developer, hit the jump for a quick fill-in. Continue reading

No More Left In The Vault! by Ryan Gray
September 13, 2008, 9:47 pm
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[By Ryan]

Fallout 3 is a big deal. It’s just about the most anticipated RPG for 2008. Amazon.com is or should I say was offering a “Survival Edition” that included the collectors edition, a life-sized replica of the Pip-boy 3000, and more. Honestly, for 129.99 USD, I didn’t see many people dropping that kind of money on a special edition. Well this thing sold like hotcakes. The PS3 version is completely gone from Amazon.com. Amazon notified Bethesda of this, which im sure they were pleased with. Hit the jump for pictures of the survival edition that is no longer available. Continue reading

No trophy support for fallout 3 by Steve
September 5, 2008, 12:23 am
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[By Steve]

More bad news for the trophy whores among you, as during an interview with PSU.com the question was asked to Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing at Bethesda, his reply

“Not at launch,”

“It remains to be seen what we do down the road. It wasn’t something we were able to incorporate into the game for launch.”

Of course that doesn’t rule out a future trophy patch, but with a game that promises the epic scale of Fallout 3 it’s unfortunate that trophies wont be included straight out of the box.

Fallout 3 Coming October 31st – Crap! by Anthony Barlow
August 21, 2008, 1:19 am
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[By Anthony Barlow]

Bethesda’s highly anticipated Fallout 3 has now been given a release date. Whoo! No, not whoo, crap! Yep that’s right I am dreading to pick and choose what to buy in October and this addition to the list doesn’t help things.

Bethesda announced today:

“We are very excited to let gamers get their hands on Fallout 3, the latest chapter in this beloved and highly acclaimed franchise,” said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. “To meet the huge demand for this title by our fans worldwide, we are planning one of the biggest launches of any game released this year.”

There’s a ton of games out in October and this addition to the list dosen’t help. Maybe I can borrow the money off someone until I get paid. The other thing is that i’m at another event on the 31st so I might have to ShopTo this one and get it early. I’m still getting it though.

Fallout 3 – Exclusive DLC For 360 & PC by Anthony Barlow
July 15, 2008, 7:06 am
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Sony are really having a bad E3 so far. FFXIII is no longer exclusive and now this. It was announced at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday that Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG ‘Fallout 3’ was to have ‘exclusive’ downloadable content for the Xbox 360 & PC.

The DLC is said to be “substantial” but I wouldn’t loose hope just yet as it’s still unconfirmed if this deal features all ‘Fallout 3’ DLC or just certain exclusive packs. I do hope that this is the case because I hate that DLC gets to be exclusive. 1st GTA IV now this, Microsoft are trying to sabotage the competition by throwing their money at everyone. Not good for the industry if you ask me. Like I said it’s unconfirmed if the 360’s DLC will be exclusive with the PS3 getting it’s own, but here’s hoping it is. The whole thing seems similar to the DLC stuff for GTA which has yet to be talked about by anyone. I just can’t see companies turning down the chance to print money.

Fallout 3 Declined Classification (Banned) In Australia – Does Anything Come Out Over There? by Anthony Barlow
July 9, 2008, 4:09 pm
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It has come to light than another major game has been declined classification in Australia. The highly anticpated Bethesda RPG Fallout 3 has been declined classification meaning that no retailers can sell it. This is obviously due to the Australian Office Of Film & Literature Classification refusing to classify anything 18+. I don’t know why the Aussies won’t do this but obviously players can (and will) import the game from elsewhere.

It’s a shame really, the general public of Australia will not be able to play what will be a great game and I don’t think Bethesda can sacrifice anything in to please the Aussie ratings board.

Fallout 3 – More New Announcments & New Screens – (Canibals, Sex & Slaves) by Anthony Barlow
July 8, 2008, 10:35 pm
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Bethesda’s latest big game Fallout 3 has had some more new stuff announced for it earlier this week. I am really excited about this game and can’t wait for it to be released, hopefully this year. The guys at Bethesda have put together a mass of Q&A stuff. They talk about everything from killing kids and addiction along with some other stuff but it’s making it sound really cool and immensely deep. I’ve took some of the better questions from the thing so you can have a look of them and get even more excited.

1) Which of the following, if any, will be featured in Fallout3; Romance, Sex, Homosexuality, Nudity, Prostitution, Slavery, Cannibalism, Children, Child killings, drugs, addictions? And of the things that won’t be featured, can you explain why they won’t be included in the game?

It touches on most of those. Slavery, children, drugs and addiction more than the others, as those factor for into the setting more. In regards to nudity and child killings, no, it features neither of those, as they don’t really add to the flavor of the game (I’ll get into children in the next question more). I think if you look at Fallout 1, and the footprint it has with the topics you ask about, Fallout 3 is pretty much the same, in that it features the types of things you mention at about the same rate, no more, no less. Drugs and drug addiction play a larger role perhaps, as it’s a key gameplay device. I think the heart of this question is “has the harshness and maturity of the world of Fallout 3 been tempered from the earlier games?” and I can certainly say “No, it hasn’t been.”

10) How advanced will the AI of NPC’s be this time around? Are they really going to have a life? Speaking to other NPC’s in a logical manner, traveling and trading with/in faraway places, Submitting to the player rather than fighting if they know, or think, they’re no match for him?

I wish I could answer with a number, like “it will be 17 advanced.” AI is difficult to define, the NPCs certainly appear much smarter than our previous stuff, by a lot. Much of that is us giving them better data, massaging what they do so the player gets to see more of it. We added a lot of animations, so people in town are doing more. They “seem” to be interacting with the world in a more realistic manner, but that usually means going up to something and playing an animation. It can be something really simple, like we added “lean against wall”. It’s funny how something that small can give life to a person. They walk into a space, and just lean against the wall, arms folded. Like Oblivion, we use our Radiant AI system, so most of the NPCs eat, sleep, work, etc. I think we take it for granted now, but it’s pretty great to have that level of control. We’ve also done a lot to the conversation system, which makes them seem a lot smarter, but again, that’s better data, not a new system.

On the technical side we spent most of our time doing an all new pathfinding system. Morrowind/Oblivion use nodes for pathing and Fallout uses a navmesh. This is the difference between an NPC having a valid point to stand on (node) versus an area to stand in, or walk around (mesh). You can do much more sophisticated actor movement and behavior with a navmesh, and I think you’ll see the results onscreen, especially when the bullets start flying. The actors do a great job of finding cover and using the space well, something we could never have done with pathnodes.

In terms of the NPCs traveling around, many travel around town, and some travel the wasteland. There are a few caravans in the game that go from town to town trading. Radiant AI handles something like that really well.

Lastly, as far as submitting to a more powerful foe, yes they do that, in that they run away. If they’re overmatched, they holster their weapon, flee and try to hide. While this sounds cool on paper, it’s often not fun at all, and we’ve ended up really dialing that back, because it gets really annoying really fast, to have people run away all the time. The main faction that still acts like this are the Raiders, the others don’t do it so much.

I’ve stuck some of the screens in there for you to drool over. Dosen’t it look (and sound) really cool. I believe this is currently playable at E3. I’d be great to be there, being a real journo and all that.

Fallout 3 Collectors Edition Looks Pretty Sweet by Anthony Barlow
June 3, 2008, 5:34 pm
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I’ve just been looking at the latest images of the collectors edition for Bethesda’s highly anticipated Fallout 3 and I have to see it looks pretty sweet.

It Includes:

  • A Vault Boy Bobblehead
  • The Art Of Fallout 3 (Artbook)
  • The Making Of Fallout 3 DVD
  • Vault Tech Lunchbox

That’s pretty sweet and is, in my opinion, almost as good as the GTA IV one. I will definitely be getting Fallout 3 and, depending on the price, I might just pick this version up.

‘Intelligence’ Group Mistakes Fall Out 3 For Terrorism by Anthony Barlow
May 30, 2008, 9:59 pm
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Yep, according to UK newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ an intelligence services contractor called SITE had come accross screens of a desroyed Washington D.C. from Bethesda’s highly anticipated ‘Fallout 3’ believing them to be images created by terrorists. According to the newspaper the group did find the images on an Al-Queda afilliated website. It has now emerged that SITE new the images were from a video game. I’m calling B.S. on that one.

However it is ironic that SITE are based in Bethesda, MD

Fallout 3 Sounds Really Cool by Anthony Barlow
April 13, 2008, 2:55 am
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Just been listening to the 1Up Yours podcast and they were talking about Fallout 3. Now I wasn’t really interested in this game before now basically because I knew that Bethesda, the guys who made Oblivion, were making this game and that put me off.

I bought Oblivion within the first few months I had my PS3 and it lasted me 3 days because I really hated it. It seemed really cool at first but eventually it seemed like I was playing a better version of WOW on my own. I now have renewed faith after listening to this podcast.

This game seems to chart your characters life, literally from birth and carries on from there. With 500 proposed endings this game seems to get better and better and looks less like what Oblivion was and ultimately what I hated. This game seems like a fresh take on the massive open world RPG genre and hopefully it’ll be as well done on the PS3 as it is on the other consoles if not better.

To download that podcast and get all of the details click here.

For more information visit Bethesda’s Fallout site