Meet The Editors

Yeah, just thought i’d give everyone reading a little heads up about who it is that’s actually writing this thing.

Anthony (Editor In Chief)

Name: Anthony “Barmelo” Barlow

Location: Manchester, England

Role: Founding member of XeNonX and blogger extraordinaire

Website: XeNonX (here)

PSN ID: Barmelo

XBL Gamertag: N/A

Wii Friend Code: N/A


Steve (Editor)

Name: Steve Milnes

Location: NW England

Role: XeNonX news hound


Darren Uddenberg (TV/Movies Editor)

Name: Darren Uddenberg

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Role: TV/Movies editor and Facebook group creator


Ryan Gray (Video Editor)

Name: Ryan Gray

Location: New York, New York, USA

Role: News/Video Editor


Ad’s (Comment Moderator)

Name: ?

Location: Manchester, England

Website: XeNonX (here)

Role: Founding member of XeNonX, moderator of comments,


Giancarlo Feltrin (Editor)

Name: Giancarlo Feltrin

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Role: Editor of all things PS3 as well as some movie stuff

PSN ID: Solid_Gio


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