XeNonX Announcements (Yes there’s more) by Anthony Barlow
July 18, 2008, 5:38 pm
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I’m making announcements people (maybe I should’ve had a presser). Be warned, there’s gonna be changes. Good ones though.

  1. We (myself & Sam) will be recording the 1st/test podcast tomorrow. It should go up tomorrow night or Sunday, both here and on PC-Progamers (we’ve yet to decide if we’re going to put it on iTunes). We have the basics sorted but obviously it’s a tester so it might not go to plan and thus, not get released.
  2. Secondly, as you might have noticed I have changed the name of who is now editing the blog, yes it’s still me, but I have dropped the pseudonym and am now using my real name. I know, shocking isn’t it.
  3. Thirdly, hopefully they’ll be some additions to the blog staff as i’m aiming to get Sam or Romina (from PC-PG) to join me here as writers as well as them administrating PCPG, which should be good,
  4. Last, but no means least I am hoping to aquire the blog a new domain name (xenonx.co.uk) from Ads, who owns it from the old forum days.

Seems like I’ve got a lot on, but it’s hopefully going to help me expand the blog and get myself some more readers which’ll be nice.

We Have Our Podcast Team People by Anthony Barlow
July 17, 2008, 5:42 pm
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The first stage of ‘Operation Podcast’ has been completed as we have now finalized our regular ‘team’ members. The group is made up of myself and two of the guys from PCPG (Mysor & Romina). I thought i’d make the first announcement just to show we’re still serious but there’s still no word on when the podcast will make it’s debut.

New Feature! by Anthony Barlow
July 17, 2008, 6:05 am
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  • I’m trying to implement a new feature to the blog, and yes it’s gonna be…ok. I’m thinking of implementing a ‘letter from the editor’ or some sort of editor diary thing for each day/week basically giving my thoughts on stuff of that day/week. I think it could work well and would give a new dimension onto that weeks news. I’ll trial the feature and put the new feature up towards the end of the week (Sunday perhaps?) and see how it goes from there.

Thanks, Barmelo

Sony E3 Liveblog A Success – Hopefully More To Come by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 12:00 am
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Whoo XeNonX’s 1st Liveblog was not a failiure! I’d like to give thanks to all those who watched and to Ads for bailing me out of what would’ve been quite a boring hour and a half. It seemed to go down pretty well and was quite easy to set up so I’m thinking of doing it again for future events.

So for those who missed this riveting conversation about Sony’s presser you can see the transcription here.

I personally think it went quite well. I did try and get a few different people to participate but I think it was too short notice. I think it needs to be planned if there’s gonna be a next time (TGS Maybe?).

Great picture right?

So I Pre-ordered BioShock by Anthony Barlow
July 12, 2008, 11:41 pm
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Yes I rarely report on my pre-orders (i’ve never reported on a pre-order) but today I pre-ordered BioShock for the PS3. According to GAME the game will release on the 24th October and they currently have it listed at £29.99 which is a sweet deal!

Even sweeter is that I got a £5 off code and with a little messing about (buying then canceling an order for DVD gift wrap) but with quidco and stuff like that I got the game for about £22. Sweet!

GB=SP (Good Blogging = Smaller Posts) Amongst Other Things by Anthony Barlow
March 25, 2008, 2:09 pm
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Little & LargeYes i’ve come to the conclusion that to make the blog the sucess I want it to be then some things will have to change. First of all, as the title says, to make the blog better the posts NEED to be smaller. I was looking over the last few ‘Corner’ posts and they’re way too long. I mean who gives a toss if anyones reading (I still hope people are) you don’t want to be reading masses of text to get to the point so more concise posts from now on. Secondly the posting needs to be more frequent and possibly the illusive ‘daily posts’ I keep mentioning need to be put into effect with most posts coming at around 4pm (college gets in the way of blogging) with the exception of Tuesdays when posts will come around this time (1-3pm) and then some will come possibly later on.

I hope I can make this work because, believe it or not, I quite like blogging and this should help the whole procedure from now on.

P.S. The picture is of classic British double act ‘Little & Large’ for all of you that don’t understand why the image is relevant :).

Hopefully Not Another Essay by Anthony Barlow
March 16, 2008, 10:11 pm
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Yes, the last ‘corner’ was a bit lengthy but then I did have a lot to write about :). This post will sadly not be as long.

So i’m gonna kick it off with the gaming side of things. This week I finally finished Assasin’s Creed as well as Ratchet & Clank. I thought I might go after flags, Templars and the like on Ass. Creed but thought about the pain it might cause me and others so I think i’ll give that one a miss. However, Ratchet & Clank was really cool throughout and i might go and replay it on ‘Challenge Mode’ and get all of the secret stuff.

I tried and failed in my attempt to bother to complete Resistance before Rainbow Six Vegas 2 comes out. It’s just really annoying compared to all the other FPS games out there. Saying that I did play online a few nights ago and it was pretty cool, but I think it won’t carry on as the almighty Tom Clancy gets in the way again.

Other than that i’ve had a few brief stints on COD4 and FIFA 08 was not left out either as mine and Adails skills in ‘Be A Pro’ mode continue to shine.

No new tracks, that i’m bothered about anyway, for Rock Band again this week so I gave it a miss in favor of working my way through some of my single player games.

No co-op Army Of Two this week for XeNonX’s own Army Of Two (Me & Adails) but I did have a go in single player before and it’s not as fun but it’s till pretty cool.

(It’s lookin’ like another lengthy one).

Stepping away from games now and I was pleasantly surprised to see that South Park’s new season has started airing in the U.S. I caught the 1st episode and once again it stared out a bit slow but was really good and definitely must see TV. I’ve also been watching a bit of the second season of ‘Heroes’ this week moving on to the 5th episode now and it’s really beginning to heat up so loving that as well but that’s about it for the big and small screens for me.

Nothing else to report but will make sure to give my impressions of R6V2 next time and possibly Dark Sector it all depends on if I have enough trade credit to get the damn thing.

Well that’s it for this week from my personal brainbox will be posting a little more frequently hopefully but then again I said that last week. I’m possibly gonna try out a new format for this thing to make it a bit easier in the future.

So, catch ya later