New Burnout Patch Fully Detailed by Anthony Barlow
January 26, 2009, 9:36 pm
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[By Anthony]

Criterion have finally let loose the full details for the upcoming patch for Burnout: Paradise. Even though the guys are moving into the realms of paid-for DLC they still like to help us fans out by giving us a nice chunk of free stuff too. For starters there will be a restart race function if you lose, new trophies for the three new packs as well as some gameplay and visual tweaks. Hit the jump for the lowdown. Continue reading

Here’s Your 7 New Burnout Paradise Trophies by Anthony Barlow
December 16, 2008, 9:28 am
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[By Anthony]

Sometime last week, if you compared your trophies with a friend, you might have noticed something odd about your percentage in Burnout: Paradise. Earlier in the year the guys at Criterion announced that they would be adding a new ‘Party Mode’ to the game as their first paid-for downloadable content. It was also announced that this new update would contain trophies. Well, EA/Criterion seem to have sneakily informed players of what trophies are to come. When players compare their trophies with someone on their friends list they’ll notice that their overall percentage of trophies has dropped 10%. This is because the new trophies have, somehow, been added to this list (but not, I might add, to your trophy collection. Weird eh? Anyway, hit the jump for the list.

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Criterion plans to give us even more Burnout Paradise DLC in ’09 by Ryan Gray
November 14, 2008, 9:34 pm
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[By Ryan]

Criterion is giving us more DLC for Burnout Paradise in 2009. Shocking. This time it’s “Toy Cars”. Of the nine cars that are being released in this pack, we know of five of them. So far there is the Hunter Manhatten, Hunter Takedown 4×4, Carson GT, Concept P12 and the Kreiger Racing WTR. I am not sure if all of those five are pictured above, but the picture gives you a hint of what they mean by toy cars. I guess any DLC that Criterion puts out is good DLC, so keep your eyes peeled for this in 2009 to build your ever growing collection of whips on Burnout Paradise.

New Cars Coming To Burnout Paradise As First Paid-For DLC by Anthony Barlow
November 8, 2008, 8:32 pm
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[By Ryan]

That’s not a typo, there actually is a hover car coming to Burnout Paradise. Of course the guys at Criterion Games would continue to release awesome DLC on a regular basis, so this shouldn’t be a
surprise.  Also coming is the, Countach lookalike, the Cavalry Bootlegger, the Manhattan Sprint and the GT Nighthawk. There’s no price point yet, knowing Criterion they’ll be reasonable. Below you can see the car with and without wheels.

Burnout Finally Getting Paid For DLC by Anthony Barlow
November 1, 2008, 12:44 am
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[By Anthony]

The time has come. Criterion have provided us loyal Burnout fans with masses of free downloadable content but it looks like, for now, that’s over. Criterion have announced that they’ll be releasing a new, paid for, peice of DLC called ‘Party’. This new mode will be an 8-player ‘pass the controller’ mode. As well as adding a new mode this DLC will make changes to the visuals, making them brighter and seemingly more ‘family friendly’.

“We’ve overhauled not just the presentation screens but also the in-game visuals, which are now brighter and more colourful in recognition of Burnout’s new party theme.”

This DLC will be released in 2009. No word on price yet, but for many I think this will be something that passes them by. Criterion have also announced that there will be an improved edition of Burnout: Paradise, named The Ultimate Box which will include all the updates and the party mode and will be released in 2009 too. Looks like it has trophies too.

It was to be expected, but at least we got some amazing DLC for free. It wouldn’t last forever would it.

Burnout Goes Political by Anthony Barlow
October 15, 2008, 8:35 am
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[By Anthony]

Y’know those free patches that Criterion has been putting out? Yeah, well they’re funded by advertising (shock horror). Anyway earlier this week (sorry it’s late) frequent players in the U.S. have noticed that presidential candidate Barrack Obama has been using Burnout: Paradise to promote his campaign. This is all well and good, but his recent speeches have had a focus on Videogames and TV (as well as bad parents) saying they were the reason kids in America (Kim Wilde 🙂 ) are underachieving. Me thinks that these ad’s are a little hypocritical, but then again he’s a politician, it’s to be expected 🙂 .

Burnout Trophy Patch Is Live, No Retroactivity by Anthony Barlow
September 25, 2008, 11:20 pm
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[By Anthony]

I was really eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Burnout: Paradise trophy patch, expecting to boot the game up and be showered in, well, Bronze. That was not the case. Criterion claimed that the trophy patch for Burnout would be retroactive but we, like many others, have found out this is not true. Hit the jump to hear what Criterion had to say on the matter. Continue reading

Burnout: Paradise Hurtles Onto PSN This Week Too! by Anthony Barlow
September 22, 2008, 7:26 pm
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[By Anthony]

Jesus Christ! The PSN seems to be having a massive intake of games this week with Wipeout HD, Mega Man 9 and now Burnout: Paradise is on the way too with, wait for it,…trophy support!

Burnout will come complete with all content updates so far as well as the new update for trophies. Sweet. I bought the game, for the second time, a few months back for the bike update and trophy support is the icing on an already amazing cake. Hit the jump for more. Continue reading

Burnout Bikes Patch Is Live by Anthony Barlow
September 18, 2008, 2:53 pm
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[By Anthony]

Criterion today released the 1.40 update for Burnout Paradise. The update, which includes the new motorcyles and dyanmic time and weather, weighs in at around 100mb (I think it was 125) and is another awesome update from the guys at Criterion.

I have just updated the game and there’s no doubt i’ll be playing the game (with bikes) sometime today. I will be putting up my impressions on the bikes in the near future.

We’re still waiting for Criterion to get on the PlayStation Blog and see what’s happening with Burnout’s trophy patch. Hopefully we’ll here something soon, it was promised for this week.

Burnout Bikes Coming…Next Week by Anthony Barlow
September 13, 2008, 10:58 pm
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[By Anthony]

Criterion promised us bikes and we’re getting ’em. Next week EA will be putting out the inagrual Burnout Bikes downloadable pack up on the PlayStation store. The pack features two bikes (one for men one for women) along with a whole new lisence for motorcycles.

With said new lisence comes 38 new Burning Ride and Midnight Ride events (I presume 19 each), a brand new 24 hour cycle allowing to players to race day or night, dynamic weather and 70 more Freeburn challenges.

That’s a pretty sweet deal all at the cost of NOTHING! That’s right the pack will be gratis (free) and available next thursday from the PlayStation Store. Nice.

Not only that but it also means we’re edging closer and closer to the trophy patch that was promised a few months back. I wonder if there’ll be any specific bike related trophies? We’ll have news on that NEXT WEEK!

Burnout Bikes Coming Next Month – They’re Free Too! by Anthony Barlow
August 6, 2008, 11:03 pm
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Now I thought the bikes in Burnout were coming as a patch, didn’t everyone? Well apparently not. According to our friends over at TheSixthAxis two bikes will be coming as downloadable content next month. Like I said, I thought the bikes were coming in a patch but I guess not.

According to Criterion the addition of motorcycles to Burnout Paradise will give players another 70, bike specific, challenges.

All sounds good, can’t wait for this and hopefully ‘Codename: Davis’ will launch around the same time so I can grab me some retroactive trophies.

Burnout: Paradise ‘Codename: Davis’ Details by Anthony Barlow
August 2, 2008, 5:47 pm
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MTV’s Multiplayer Blog guy Stephen Totilo got a hands on with the new Burnout Paradise expansion ‘Codename: Davis’, y’know the one with the bikes, anyway he’s basically found the answer as to why the crashes on Burnout’s bikes can’t be as amazingly cool and smashy as the crashes players can do in cars. To keep the ESRB (and other ratings boards) happy. Making the bike crashes as good/bad as the car crashes would obviously mean injury to the rider, which is something that would be likely to change the rating of the game. There it is explained but, what did Totilo think about the expansion overall and what else is included in the new expansion ? Here’s what he had to say:

First of all, don’t expect motorcycles to be smashed to bits. Cars in “Burnout: Paradise” crumple and crack in magnificent detail. A crash with a motorcycle will be less dynamic. What I saw were crashed bikes that stayed fully intact. No loose wheels. No bent handlebars. And the rider? He or she — gender is also arriving in the next “Paradise” expansion — will disappear as your crashed bike skids on asphalts and smacks concrete.

Cars in “Burnout: Paradise” crumple and crack in magnificent detail. A crash with a motorcycle will be less dynamic. What I saw were crashed bikes that stayed fully intact. No loose wheels. No bent handlebars. And the rider? He or she — gender is also arriving in the next “Paradise” expansion — will disappear as your crashed bike skids on asphalts and smacks concrete.

The point of bikes in “Burnout” isn’t crashing. It’s speed. I played one of the expansion’s four bikes, swiftly rocketing to some of the fastest speeds I’ve experienced in the already blazingly fast game. Triggering an optional first-person view further increased the sense of speed. Tilting back the analog stick sent my rider’s bike into a wheelie, which is measured for duration in real-time just like drifting is for the game’s cars. I’m sure someone will be sure to perform a wheelie all around Paradise City.

The Burnout Bikes expansion doesn’t add terrain to the city. That will come in a later addition. This expansion brings the bikes, new signs for the bikes to break through, and a motorcycle-license career path that can run parallel to the car-license progression. An EA spokesperson told me that the new content should add about 15 hours of playtime to the game. In addition to single-player challenges, up to eight players will be able to face off online in competitive motorcycle events (motorcycle vs. car won’t be available in this expansion but is planned for the future). The motorcycles won’t be able to be used in Showtime, the “Paradise” version of the popular “Burnout” Crash Mode, but they will be able to set separate day and night Road Rules speed records for any road on the game’s map. As always, Road Rules records are visible by any fellow players on your friends list and the game tracks which friend currently rules each road.

The “Burnout Bikes” expansion will also introduce a day-night cycle and weather to the game. I didn’t see the weather effects but was told they will introduce visibility-hampering fog as well as cosmetic cloud effects.

The game’s previous expansion, Cagney, has only been delivered to PS3 “Burnout Paradise” owners. It’s been delayed for the Xbox 360 but is still coming, with Bikes to follow. From what I heard it sounds like PS3 owners should be more confident in getting Bikes in EA’s hoped-for timeframe during the next couple of months.

[From MTV Multiplayer]

It sounds really cool and for us PS3 owners to be getting it first is a bit of a surprise it’s not exactly something we’re used to. By the looks of the banner on Criterion’s site (also above) the patch is set yo hit this month, which’ll be nice. Hopefully we’ll get a more detailed rundown of the features soon enough.