Prototype To Be Released In June by Anthony Barlow
February 4, 2009, 9:29 am
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[By Anthony]

It’s New York Comic Con, and whilst you might not expect any major news to come out of there, there is one interesting tidbit that’s worthy of a mention. An email from Activision says that free roaming action title Prototype (not to be confused with Sony’s inFamous, although they’re similar) is slated for a June 2009 release. I like the potential this game has, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until the summer to find out if it’s good or not.

Ken Lally Confirms Voice Work For COD6 by Anthony Barlow

This is NOT a screenshot!

[By Anthony]

Ken Lally has confirmed that he’s doing voice work for the upcoming Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2  (or “Call Of Duty 6”). Now I know that everyone is wondering, “who the hell is Ken Lally”. Well, acording to IMDB, Lally is the voice actor for Albert Wesker in the upcoming Resident Evil 5 and appeared as ‘The German’ in two episodes of the current season of Heroes. Lally confirmed his affiliation with Infinity Ward’s new shooter in an interview with Coin-Op TV. This makes it extremely likely that we’ll see a new Call Of Duty in 2009. I can’t wait. Announced at E3 maybe?

The Killers Coming To Rock Band/Guitar Hero: World Tour by Anthony Barlow

[By Anthony]

Earlier this week Activision announced that fans would be able to purchase a 3-pack of songs by Las Vegas based band, The Killers. However, they never said it was an exclusive deal. It has also been revealed that Harmonix too have a deal with Brandon Flowers’ band. Hit the jump for more. Continue reading

Call Of Duty: WAW Competition Winners! by Anthony Barlow
October 24, 2008, 4:24 pm
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[By Anthony]

The COD: WAW beta code competition has finished today and we have our winners. We had three codes to give away and by now, i’m sure everyone is enjoying the game accordingly. Our winners are

  • Paul Whittle
  • Jake Rutherford
  • Kris De Sha

Congratulations and enjoy the beta while it lasts. There’s another competition coming on Monday so be on the lookout.

Trophies For Call Of Duty: World At War Revealed by Anthony Barlow
October 21, 2008, 11:34 pm
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[By Anthony]

It looks like Treyarch might have made something decent this time. Call Of Duty: World At War seems to be shaping up quite well, that’s if Ryan is to be believed (which he is). PS3Trophies.co.uk today revealed the full trophy list for the game. As per ususal it’s after the jump, It apparently contains some SPOILERS so reader beware. Continue reading

Competition Time by Anthony Barlow
October 21, 2008, 8:17 am
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[By Anthony]

Competition time again people. Thanks to one of my sources we have aquired something pretty cool. With the Call Of Duty: World At War beta kicking off earlier in the week everybody’s wanting to play it, myself included. My source has handed me 3 codes for the Xbox 360 beta. To win answer the question after the jump.

Continue reading

Hands-On with Call Of Duty: World At War by Ryan Gray
October 20, 2008, 12:30 am
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Call of Duty is back to its World War II roots. But how has it changed to keep the franchise fresh?

Call of Duty is back to its World War II roots. But how has it changed to keep the franchise fresh?

[By Ryan]

Call Of Duty: World At War is the newest game in the Call Of Duty series. I’m not going to be a moron and call it “Call Of Duty 5” like most people would, cause guess what, it’s not the fifth. SURPRISE! (Anyone remember Big Red One?) Anyway, the Call Of Duty series has gone back to it’s World War II roots. I’ve had a pretty extensive hands on with the online mode, and color me impressed. But is it Call Of Duty 4 with a new paint job, or does World At War hold it’s own in the series? Hit the jump for my answer, and my experience with the game thus far. Continue reading