Best Buy Offer Says More Pearl Jam Is Coming To Rock Band by Anthony Barlow
February 4, 2009, 11:29 am
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[By Anthony]

For those who didn’t know, Pearl Jam’s album Ten is coming to Rock Band next month and you might just get more if Best Buy have anything to do with it. An offer from the american big box retailer has surfaced which says that those who pre-order the re-release of the album, due out March 24th, will get a code for three more Pearl Jam tracks for Rock Band. Those tracks are:

  • Brother
  • Alive (Drop In The Park Concert Version)
  • State Of Love And Trust (Drop In The Park Concert Version)

So it looks like Pearl Jam fans might be forced to pick the album up if they want as much Pearl Jam as they can get. There’s no indication if these tracks will be coming for a price, but I suspect they will do at some point. Either way, if you want them early pre-order the remaster of Ten.