Final Fantasy VII PS3 Hitting Japan by Anthony Barlow
January 19, 2009, 2:03 pm
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[By Anthony]

Well, this should boost Sony’s sales. Squeenix have announced that a ‘special’ Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 3 will be hitting Japan to coincide with the release of the Advent Children Blu-Ray (and FFXIII Demo). The console will be hitting shelves in April and the whole package will contain and 80GB PS3, a DualShock 3 controller and a copy of Advent Children on Blu-Ray. The consoles will apparently be numbered too, obviously an attempt at making the console seem more rare (which it will be). Not a big FF fan myself, but i’m sure the fanboys will be out to get this one. Take that Microsoft!

FFXIII Demo To Be Sold Seperately? by Anthony Barlow
September 2, 2008, 8:24 pm
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[By Anthony]

Square Enix are going to be releasing a 90 minute demo with the blu-ray release of Advent Children, but what about all of those people who don’t want to shell out £20+ for a blu-ray? Well Squeenix have decided they’re going to release the demo seperately. Good news, yeah it is but you didn’t think they had a trick up their sleeve you? Well they do. Squeenix are apparently going to sell people the demo. Hit the jump for more.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 to be ps3 exclusive? by Steve
September 2, 2008, 11:21 am
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[By Steve M]

Another interesting rumour to be doing the rounds at the moment is that the Disney and SE title Kingdom Hearts 3 is to be announced as a PS3 exclusive.  This bit of news comes courtesy of the Official Playstation Magazines rumour section,

“Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development as a PS3 exclusive and will be announced at TGS.”

So as yet another game show loomes yet more rumours of what will be announced start to do the rounds, we’ll wait and see if this one holds any water, but after recent dissapointments I’m keeping my cynical hat firmly on.

Final Fantasy XIII Demo Will Be 90 Minutes Long by Anthony Barlow
August 16, 2008, 8:47 pm
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It was revealed today that the Final Fantasy XIII Demo, revealed at that Square Enix event a few weeks ago, would be 90 minutes long. A poster over at NeoGaf seems to have some of the details from this week’s Famitsu, said details are after the jump. Continue reading

FF VII Remake Coming To PS3 In Two Weeks? by Anthony Barlow
August 4, 2008, 6:07 pm
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Well it’s been reported around the interwebs that Squeenix is about to release a remake of Final Fantasy VII, exclusive to PS3 too. This rumor comes after a number of reports that some Best Buy ‘coming soon’ posters are displaying that the game will be released on the 16th August 2008. Now this could be a massive cock up by Best Buy but it could also be a gesture to Sony that the Sqeenix guys still want to do right by Sony.

Personally I think (I know this is gonna shatter fanboys dreams everywhere) that this is a misprint and that this is a actually meant to be the release date of the blu-ray release of Final ‘Fantasy VII: Advent Children’. It would be nice if this was true and would definitely be a massive PS3 system seller, but I just can’t see it happening. Well not anytime soon anyway.

I’ve provided an image of the poster at the top of the post.

FFXIII Getting A Demo – March 2009 by Anthony Barlow
August 2, 2008, 6:05 pm
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Square Enix today announced that there would be a demo of Final Fantasy XIII. Not only that but they announced that said demo would launch in March 2009. Exciting stuff for all you FF fans out there. What isn’t too exciting though is that players wanting to play the demo will have to purchase the blu-ray version of ‘Final Fantasy: Advent Children’. The blu-ray will also have new video content from FFXIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

The FFXIII is expected to ship in Japan in March 09 but there’s currently no word on a western release date. What surprises me most about this announcement is that there’s no PSN demo announced, but then again they probably want to shift a ton of the blu-rays. Makes sense really, well for Sqeenix it does.

Final Fantasy XIII No Longer PS3 Exclusive :( by Anthony Barlow

Not the biggest Final Fantasy fan (I don’t really like JRPG’s) but this was obviously a real Sony biggie. It was announced at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday that the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to the Xbox 360 & PS3.

For me, this isn’t the biggest of deals but it is for Sony and the PS3 which is why I’m a bit gutted, but I am optimistic. I personally don’t think that the FF fans will take to the 360 as a platform for this game. Yeah, Final Fantasy has been on 360 before but, I think that the game will turn out better on the PS3 and thus, will have more FF fans buying that version.

Plus, how many discs will the 360 version need? This game is being built for the PS3 and obviously a Blu-Ray disc so i’m thinking more discs here than Lost Odessey (4 discs).

At the squeenix (Square Enix) press conference, also yesterday, the “PS3 Exclusivity” was cleared up. The game will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan and such but will be multi-platform in English speaking territories as Square want to capitalize on the 360’s fanbase.

It was said, however, that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was still exclusive to the PS3. Here’s hoping for some form of crossover between the two games or some nice exclusive DLC to make people want to buy this on PS3.

I want to know how Sony will respond. You will see later today (7.30 GMT / 11.30 PDT) when Sony’s press conference begins (more on that later).