New Forum = New Blog by Anthony Barlow
February 24, 2008, 4:32 am
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Well XAVFS is no more and because of that neither is the blog, So obviously I had to make a new one. This blog is still a work in progress but for now it’ll do and I think it looks pretty cool. So all these changes might seem a little drastic but we (the clan) felt a bit tethered to those arseholes at AV Forums with the whole ex-AV Forums name and so XeNonX and the XNX clan was born.

We’re pretty much the same, a few of our previous members have not caught on yet but really the ‘staff’ are the same with me (Barmelo), Adails and Shoki manning the forum on the admin and moderation side. Sadly to to some minor conflict we have lost three key members of the old clan: SoleFever, Tazbot and Shaun. Well time goes on and hopefully as XeNonX we can make a fresh start on what will be a long road towards our eventual success.

Rest assured though, all the best features from the old blog will return including my parodies and providing confirmation a new parody should be up pretty soon.