Pro Evo 2009 To Sponsor Lazio by Anthony Barlow
December 3, 2008, 12:30 pm
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[By Anthony]

More football (soccer) related news here. Italian football club Lazio will be sporting a new shirt for their upcoming game against Inter Milan. Videogame related sponsorship is nothing new to the world of football with Sega having sponsored Arsenal, Nintendo did the same with Fiorentina and Microsoft currently sponsoring the Seattle Sounders. This though is different, although video game companies have sponsored clubs, never has a team been sponsored by a specific game. That’s all about to change.

For one game only Lazio will be wearing a shirt sponsored by Konami’s footy game Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (above). With FIFA winning over critics and fans alike, this is a smart move from Konami. I don’t think it’ll work as well as they think it will though.