Pioneer 400GB Blu-Ray Will Work In Current Players by Anthony Barlow
December 3, 2008, 12:02 pm
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[By Anthony]

Pioneer have announced that the new 400GB blu-ray disc they’ve developed will work in current players. It was feared that the 16 layer disc would require a new kind of disc drive, thankfully that isn’t the case. The discs won’t be available until 2010, just in time for Kojima to take advantage of it.

MGS4 Sleeve Signing – Kojima In London! by Anthony Barlow
June 3, 2008, 5:41 pm
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Shame he was down south rather than in Manchester (or somewhere closer to me) because i’d have definitely taken the day off college to see this genius. He was signing cardboard sleeves for MGS4 in the Oxford Street branch of HMV in London.

According to a Kotaku reader Kojima was only signing the sleeve and nothing else. He also said that there were no pictures allowed, however this reader did get a picture before he could be stopped.

The sleeve does look cool, but if I’d have got one it would not be on the game I’d have it framed to be forever pristine. Surprisingly none¬† have shown¬† up on eBay yet. I’m sure they’ll be one there sooner or later.

The Kotaku reader did supply and image of his sleeve signed by Mr. Kojima along with Yoji Shinkawa and Yumi Kikuchi