LittleBigPlanet Beta Levels To Stay! by Anthony Barlow
October 10, 2008, 8:10 am
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[By Anthony]

When speaking to 1Up, Media Molecule’s Alex Evans sort of confirmed that user created levels from the beta are to stay for the full game. I was just about to post about a poll that MM were running, allowing users to vote on weather the levels from the beta should be kept for the final game.

At the time of writing the community are massively in favor of the levels staying. Looks like MM made the right choice then. This obviously is great news for all of those guys who made sick levels, you can rest knowing you don’t have to remake your masterpieces again.

In other news, IGN’s Chris Roper told fans on Podcast Beyond this week he’d be making the ultimate trophy whores level. Roper said that the level could potentially get you 8 trophies in 30 seconds. Nice.

Is That Rooney Or Roper? by Anthony Barlow
July 8, 2008, 11:19 pm
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“Oh my god!”.I hear you cry “Barmelo is talking about the Wii” (other Nintendo shit is available) “the worlds gone all crazy and stuff”. Nope readers the world is not “all crazy and stuff” it’s just that I was browsing the IGN blog-o-sphere today and came across this.

According to IGN PlayStation editor Greg Miller, the new ‘All Play’ mode in the Wii version of FIFA Soccer 09 makes Manchester United star Wayne Rooney’s Mii (below) look like, IGN’s very own EIC (editor in chief) of the PlayStation team, Chris Roper (above).

To an extent I have to agree. I do hate what EA are doing with this ‘family friendly’ Wii stuff, but I guess they have to make everything appeal to Ninty fans and make it look like Mario. Ah Well.

More negative comments ahoy!

You can view the full post on Greg’s blog.