EA Confirms Mass Effect 2 Will Be Multiplatform, Bad Company 2 Announced To by Anthony Barlow
February 4, 2009, 9:09 am
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[By Anthony]

EA made one hell of an announcement yesterday. It had been rumored for a while that the sequel to BioWare’s RPG Mass Effect would make it’s way onto the PS3 and EA have now confirmed this, to the delight of many a PS3 owner. The game was announced at the most recent of EA’s financial earnings calls.  Also announced was the sequel to the extremely popular first person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company. Not bad, not bad at all. Not too much else to report. There’s no word about a possible port of the original Mass Effect to the PS3, but I think we can expect it. Especially with a 360 game of the year edition around the corner. The games have been given no formal release date but, according to EA’s John Riccitiello the games will be out before Q4 2010.


Mass Effect Trilogy Heading To PS3? by Anthony Barlow
January 19, 2009, 1:57 pm
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[By Anthony]

Being a dedicated Sony guy, I never played the original Mass Effect and I’m pretty bummed having not. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel thouh. Secondstorygamer has a nice little bit of ‘news’ on Mass Effect coming to PS3. I personally thought the suseqent sequels would appear on the PS3 due to EA’s purchase of BioWare last year and looking at this rumor it seems this could be the case. Not only that SSG’s source also apparently said it was “likely” that EA would port the original game to allow PS3 owners who didn’t play the first (like me) a chance to catch up on the story of the games. This is apparently going to be announced at GDC (which starts 23rd March). Here’s hoping it’s true this is something else that could even the odds in terms of the PS3 vs. 360.