FIFA 09 Winter Update, Out Now by Ad's
February 10, 2009, 12:28 pm
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[By Ad’s]

UPDATE: The update is now out, to get it go to Adidas Live Season and download the latest update. If it comes back saying you have the latest update go to league selection and click on the league of your choice. I chose the Premier League so I clicked on that and downloaded the latest update from there.

EA’s David Rutter has confirmed that the FIFA 09 Winter Update will be delayed due to a small bug. They are hopeful that it will be released either today or tomorrow.

I’m particularly looking foward to it as my beloved United will hopefully have had their stats changed to a more realistic level, Danny Welbeck a 64 for gods sake and Berba deserves more than an 86. Also Edwin’s rating has gone down drastically on the inaccurate Adidas Live Update, this after keeping 13 consecutive Premier League clean sheets.

It will also update the transfers that took place during the January transfer window. Tosic to Utd, Keane back at Spurs, Becks to Milan etc. Full quote from the FIFA forum after the jump.

Winter Roster Update

Unfortunately we just identified an issue in the roster update which will delay the release of the winter roster update.

I’m sure this is disappointing for you all – but as it introduced a bug with player names we thought it best to fix it before letting it into the wild.

Apologies again for the delay. As soon as it’s ready we’ll let you know.


We’re hoping it’ll be up on Monday or Tuesday at the moment.
Fingers crossed…


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Where could you find the update in the game itself for fifa 09 ps3?

Comment by Alex

From what I remember from the last FIFA it will probably prompt you to download it at startup once it is available.

I presume that is so you don’t have to navigate FIFA’s awkward menus in search of it. 🙂

I take back what I said about Edwin in the Adidas Live Update, he has rose sharply to 90 in todays Live Update. Berba is a 91, he should be that in manager mode too IMO. Rafael, Fabio and Johnny Evans are a bit low and that of Fletcher, Neville and O’Shea a bit generous.

Comment by Ad's

Thanks I will download it now.

Comment by Dazza


Comment by Anthony Barlow

Yes mate he is in there, a surprising 69, which now means a player capped by Serbia is not as good as the uncapped Welbeck or Rafael. I also noticed a few other youngsters I hadn’t seen in FIFA before.

I’m glad Welbeck has had his increase, Ronny seems to have gone down in manager mode. He is an 88 but I’m sure he was higher than that before.

Think I will start a new manager mode in a bit, fancy some more 2v2 or 2v1 later?

Comment by Ad's

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