Review: Cuboid by Anthony Barlow
February 4, 2009, 9:01 am
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[By Anthony]

Who thought getting from A to B could be such a challenge? Upon first glance Cuboid definitely seems a very simple concept with a rather easy goal – get from A to B without falling. Well…it’s not that simple. The second of the three games released by Creat Studios and Tik Games, Cuboid is a simple puzzler with enough upstairs to warrant it being one of the most challenging games on the PlayStation Network.

Many of you might have seen a flash game very similar to what i’m describing. Guide a rectangular block (a cuboid) around an area and get it into the ‘goal’. Well Creat/Tik have expanded on this, offering new difficulty settings, giving players goals and, of course, adding trophies. Just because this is a PSN game, don’t think it’ll be a walk in the park getting those trophies either.

This game is definitely one of the best puzzle games on the PlayStation Network, it’s simple concept, easy controls and general good looking-ness might decieve some but under all of this is definitely a contender for Echochrome’s place as the best PSN puzzler.

The gameplay is great. It’s really easy to move your little cuboid around the area and as the levels go on the devs have chucked a few little surprises in there just to mix it up a little. First of all you’ll see wooden bridges, they can’t be crossed unless you’re horizontal. This brings players to the first major challenge (other than the game itself). On your quest for success you’ll also come across swicthes and teleporting devices, all of which are there to help, but in most cases, hinder your quest. Along the way (about every 10 levels or so) players will come across a ‘boss’ area, complete with atmospheric music and a cut scene. To be honest these aren’t much different to the ‘regular’ puzzles, these ones get you trohies though.

The graphics are great too. They didn’t need to, but Creat/Tik have really added that little bit extra to the graphics of cuboid. The fully 3D environments look great and make the experience even better than people might think. The arenas are really bright and look great in HD.

The only problem I have with the game is it’s lack of game modes. It only has two difficulties and although there’s a hell of a lot of variety in the levels a simple time attack would have surficed. I thought this game could’ve really done with a puzzle editor too, that’d have definitely added a hell of a lot more replayability to the game, as well as something really cool.

Overall I think the game is great, although it does lack in sokme areas it’s still well worth your eight quid (or ten dollars). Fans of Echochome who’re looking for a new challenge should definitely consider Cuboid.



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The way you put it I will be buying this game, I like puzzle games very much for the challenge.

Comment by killquick

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