Capcom Confirms No Run & Gun In Resi 5 by Anthony Barlow
February 4, 2009, 9:42 am
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[By Anthony]

Now maybe it’s just me, or, well me and Ad’s but is anyone else finding the Resident Evil 5 controls horrendous? After playing the demo of the game both of us feel that buying the game will be a waste of time because of the crappy control scheme. Our last hope would’ve been Capcom saying: “Yeah, we’ll add in run and gun controls” or something to that effect, when in fact they’ve done the opposite.

In a new community blog post Capcom have confirmed that no such controls will be added or patched into their upcoming survival horror action game.

“While RE5 is very action-heavy, the base RE game design mechanic of holding fast while shooting remains,” says the Capcom blog. Newcomers to the series may need to make some “mental readjustments,” but the controls have remained this way to establish a sense of risk and danger while in combat. The new controls will instead grant “more natural motion to the second analog stick on your 360 or PS3 controller,”

Whilst there might be strong arguments for both sides of the RE5 controls saga, I personally feel that a game like that, with that many enemies on screen, needs better controls.

[Ducks, takes cover and prepares for the onslaught]


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