Review: Savage Moon (PS3 Via PSN) by Anthony Barlow
January 28, 2009, 12:23 pm
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[By Anthony]

Savage Moon is Fluffy Logic’s first PlayStation Network offering and it’s not half bad. Set on a series of Imoon’s thoughout space you are set the task of defending crucial mining operations within the different areas, defending them from a barrage of attacks from a massive ammount of, inventive looking, enemies. The game is based around the tower defence style of gameplay but borrows a lot from more traditional real time strategy titles to create something pretty unique. Hit the jump for more. The traditional RTS style is what first attracted me to this game but is one of the things that stopped me playing it for a long time. Now, I realise, that sounds bad, but just hear me out. I am definitely not someone who plays RTS games and I think it’s that sort of mentality that made this hard for me to play at first. That said, once I got over that the game became truly awesome.

The first thing you’ll notice is the great visuals. There’s a lot of PSN games out there with “graphical issues”, I’m happy to say Savage Moon isn’t one of them. The visuals are really good, there’s a good range of enemy types and everything looks really nice and polished and is something that many don’t expect from a game they bought for eight quid. The only problem I have is that, although the environments look nice they’re kind of the same and that tends to get annoying after a while. That being said it shouldn’t take away from the game too much.

The gameplay is great. It’s very much in the same vein as a traditional RTS game but it’s not too complicated which allows players who don’t play RTS (like me) to enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed. Using a cursor rather than a character (like PJM) works really well and allows you to asses the whole area quickly and easily. Tower placement works well too, you have to be really careful about where you put them in order to make the right impact on your enemies. The upgrade system is cool too. Players can upgrade their towers and such adding upgrades and using  various add-on’s, expanding the experience and increasing the ammount of strategy involved whilst still keeping the simple style and user friendly approach of other tower defence titles. Upgrades, enemy reports and the various build options are accessed through an, easy to navigate, menu, meaning players can play the game with no physical damage to themselves or their equipment.

It’s really hard trying not to compare this to PixelJunk Monsters. Our PSN game of the year caused quite a stir when Q-Games released it early last year and FluffyLogic have made a valid attempt at putting their own, unique twist on the tower defence genre and, although it’s good, PixelJunk Monsters has something that this game dosen’t. Character. The sterotypical sci-fi trappings work well with the genre of the game and the guys and gals at Fluffy have undoubtedly made a great game, it just dosen’t have the same ammount of character and charm that PJM has.

Unlike PJM, it does give players the option to play “Vengance Mode”. This mode allows players to have an unlimited swarm of enemies attack them in any given level and this is something that works really well. This really expands the Savage Moon experience beyond the story mode and will allow a massive ammount of replayability, sadly this just isn’t enough. More game modes are definitely needed in order to keep the attention of players for more than thirty minutes at a time. That being said, it is highly addictive and players will want to go back time and time again.

I, personally, really like this game and although it’s good there’s a good few things missing that make the game fall short of the standard set by the aforementioned Monsters. First of all, there’s no multiplayer. This game would be completely awesome if it had an online (or even split-screen) multiplayer element and the lack of game modes really dosen’t help it at all.

Overall it’s a completely awesome game that just falls short of perfection. The game is a great basis for anything the guys at FL are working on now and I really can’t wait for any of the proposed downloadable content. A game that is a must buy for anyone who liked PJM, just be aware that it isn’t exactly the same. A really engaging game that will keep players going for a while, just don’t expect it to be something you’ll play in excess of half an hour at a time.



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