Review: Mahjong Tales; Ancient Wisdom by Ryan Gray
January 25, 2009, 3:32 am
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[By Ryan]

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom is a hard game to review. For one thing, it’s a game that many people enjoy. On the other end, its a game played with tiles. Not a Playstation 3 Controller. The main issue this game had to overcome in my eyes at least was to get it to work well with analog sticks. Did it work? Is this game worth your 10$? Hit the jump to find out.

Analog sticks weren’t made to work like a mouse cursor. Especially if your looking for accuracy. This is shown pretty harshly in Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. Analog control is one of the few things that kept this from being download-worthy (for most). This game really needs mouse-control to make it a much more enjoyable experience. Trying to quickly match tiles without accuracy is difficulmahjong_talest to do. You can sort-of get the hang of it after the first few minutes of gameplay, but more accuracy is left desired.

Now aside from my main complaint with the game, this is where opinions will collide. After playing the game for a good time, I’ve realized that you can beat the entire game by just matching tiles. Now I don’t know how fun that sounds to most people, but it’s pretty boring for me. It really couldn’t be simpler. Just find to tiles that match and click them one after the other. Thats it. There really isn’t much of a challenge in the story mode, but variations of the game like motion and infinity make the game a little bit better. Motion was my favorite, as it was actually pretty fun the first couple times I played it.

Now for the good. Yes, every game has good. The presentation was pretty nice and very appropriate. Very chinese themed and felt right for the game. No frame rate dips, clean resolution, and easy to get around menus made it a nice viewing experience. The sound was strangely good. On paper it probably won’t make sense, but there was one song that looped the whole time. I know that sounds bad, but the song is so damn catchy that I was humming it the whole time I played. That’s usually a good thing.

Now can I completely reccomend the game? No. Definitely not. You should probably pass if your not a fan of Mahjong. If you’ve never played it, try it on your computer. If you like it, then download it. If not, pass on it. If you do like Mahjong, then definitely download it. It will absolutely please fans of the game.


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Good review Ryan, did you think some of the music was a bit Zelda-ish? I’m sure I recognized something in there. I agree Motion is probably the best mode in there. It’s not a bad game to play when you want to play something a little different to shooters.

I guess it’s only you and I helping Anthony out, dunno what has happened to the other editors. They haven’t posted anything in months. I know I haven’t until recently but thats not my job.lol

Comment by Ad's

Never played it before but just looking at the preview on the PSN store it is something I would definitly not buy.

Comment by killquick

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