MadWorld Coming To PS3 (360 Too)? by Anthony Barlow
January 19, 2009, 2:09 pm
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[By Anthony]

It looks like Sony (and Microsoft) could be taking another exclusive here. It has been rumored that upcoming, black and white, Wii action game Mad World could be coming to ‘current-gen’ consoles. The game has been denied classification in Australia (like every game and their dog), but what people have noticed is it clearly notes that MadWorld is for the PS3 and 360 too. Of course this could be a mistake, but with the economy down the swanny it makes sense. It actually looks alright (not enough to make me buy a Wii, nothing will do that) but i’d be interested if it made it’s way onto a proper console.

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No! The PS3/360 don’t need another violent game… the Wii does!

Comment by Nitrokart

Hey everyone, NYC is sweet. Went to the top of the empire state building yesterday…amazing!

Comment by NYCEIC

I like your email address mate, glad your having good time. 🙂

Comment by Ad's

Still sweet, got robbed today though. Yeah i’m serious. $50 down :(. Still good though, Skate 2 looks unlikely. About $300 left. Whoot for Ass Creed 2. Statue Of Liberty tomorrow!

Comment by NYCEIC

I hope it wasn’t one of the Baseball Furies, on a serious note that sucks. Hope it doesn’t spoil your stay too much.

Comment by Ad's

nah i might be down £35 but it hasn’t spoilt a thing. Was looking to head to Coney Island…I might not go though 😦

Comment by NYCEIC

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