Thank You! by Anthony Barlow
January 18, 2009, 4:00 am
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[By Anthony]

I really meant to do this a hell of a lot earlier than I am doing, but nevertheless I really wanted to do something like this to share my appreciation for everyone that helped me during the year 2008. Since we began in late February last year, XeNonX has grown from a forum off shoot into it’s own entity. Even with the demise of the forum, the site still remains and has gained a hell of a lot of new stuff, as well as (hopefully) keeping that informal feel that I amied for when this started all those months ago. I never imagined that this little site, once known as The XeNonX Blog would grow into the thing it is today. Sure, I wanted it to be successful and for us to be a go-to site for videogame news but I never, not in my wildest dreams, thought that we would grow this much, especially in this short a time. This success is due to a number of things, one of those being the help from the editors and people within the industry. It’s their help and dedication that has made XeNonX what is it is today, and as editor in chief I, personally, feel the need to thank everyone for all their help and support. Thankyou. Hit the jump for the list of people.

  • Ad’s
  • Giancarlo Feltrin
  • Ryan Gray
  • Darren Uddenberg
  • Steve Milnes
  • Carolyn Carnes – Flash Fire Entertainment
  • Dylan Cuthbert – Q-Games
  • Ana Kronschnabl – Fluffy Logic Ltd.
  • Fred – Fluffy Logic Ltd.
  • Hugo Bustillios – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
  • Michael Robinson – Creat Studios
  • Philip Kollar – http://www.eat-sleep-game.com
  • Olof Gusafsson – EPOS Games
  • Staffan Langin – EPOS Games
  • Cathy Orr – PopCap Games
  • Gerard Williams – Hip Hop Gamer Show
  • Bryan Initihar – Insomniac Games
  • Mark Tilbrook – Multiplay
  • Kevin McCann – Tiki Games
  • Ben – The guy that got us on Kotaku
  • 8-Bit Punk – Our N4G Street ‘Team’
  • Ryan Clements – IGN.com
  • Greg Miller – IGN.com
  • You, the readers

I’m sure there are a few more people i’m missing off that list and i’m sorry for that. I’ve treid to include everyone that’s helped me and the site over the past 11months.

Thank you all and I wish you a happy and prosperous 2009!


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No probs mate, although I do very little tbh.

I hope you continue to go from strength to strength and have a really good time on your trip to NYC. If there is anything you want me to do on the blog whilst you are away just shout. I’m sure between myself and the other editors we will have you covered. 🙂

BTW mate, with KZ2 around the corner I have traded in COD and bought Far Cry 2, Bioshock (again lol) and End War (I liked the voice controls) they will put me on until it’s release. I doubt I would play WAW online again once it is out so it seemed logical.

If your thinking of getting rid of COD, Gamestation are currently giving £25 for it. I’m not sure how much longer it will be for though.


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