Savage Moon Q&A With Fluffy Logic by Anthony Barlow
January 14, 2009, 12:31 pm
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[By Anthony]

Earlier this week I got myself a Q&A session with Fluffy Logic, developers of PSN exclusive Savage Moon. I talked to them about the game in general, downloadable content, the origins of the game and how they feel it compares to other games in the genre. As always i’m here to deliver you, the readers, some top class information and I’m sure this won’t dissapoint. Hit the jump for more.

Savage Moon seems to be more like a traditional real time strategy game than most in the ‘tower defence’ sub-genre, was this something you wanted to do from the outset?

We’re big fans of RTS, having got hooked playing Dune 2 on the MegaDrive! That did have an influence, as there are things that a traditional RTS does really well and we wanted to pull off some of that vibe into Savage Moon.

The enemies are highly inventive, how do you choose the enemies your going to use? Are there any that got cut from the game?

We (Thomas and Ana) evolved the enemy types by thinking of how the immune system of the Imoon would create creatures to deal with the humans that had infested it. We imagined that it would start to evolve creatures that moved, not only on the surface of the Imoon, but also above and under. We also felt, in some sense, it would ‘learn’ from the humans and so develop stronger armour to resist the towers as well as developing it’s own offensive capability. In essence, it’s an evolutionary arms race! We worked with our Art Director, who came up with the amazing visuals to match. There are always ideas that don’t make it to the final version. We also keep a wiki with all of those ideas, which we revisit.

The game has a certain retro feel, is this something you aimed to do? If so, why?

The retro feel was not planned, but we wanted the game to be open and accessible and for the art to match the feel, so I guess we may have revisited a few classic ideas to deliver those aims.

Was the game always going to have a Sci-Fi theme?

No, we bashed around a few alternative ideas right at the start, but we were all big Sci-Fi fans, so there was a strong pull in that direction. As soon as we came up with the planets immune system rebelling against the miners, the large bug-infested Sci-Fi theme seemed natural.

Did you ever think of using some sort of character instead of a cursor?

We didn’t, but that is an interesting idea …we did think about allowing the user to control the guns…obviously. We may introduce that at some point.

Is there anything you feel sets Savage Moon apart from similar games in the genre and on the PlayStation Network?

Firstly, we think 3D graphics are much stronger than people might expect from a PSN game – so it looks much more epic than other, comparable, titles. Secondly, we have layered in more gameplay so players can enjoy it on whatever level they want; you can use the Command Skills to get a deeper, strategic feel (and boost your score) as well as the other game mode – Vengence Mode – which allows you to replay the missions with the carnage set to 11, so the Insectocytes will get you – it’s just a matter of how long you can hang on before they do.

How has the public responded to the game thus far?

Really well, it’s been great looking at the videos that players have posted on YouTube to see how they complete the levels: which is often very different to how we did it back at Fluffy HQ. We’ve also had a few email chats with people about the game and have, so far, recieved lots of praise and suggestions…which is nice.

Will there be any downloadable content for the game?

We hope so, watch this space

What’s next for Fluffy Logic?

We’re chatting to Sony about a couple of other projects as well as exchanging ideas on extra downloadable content for Savage Moon.

Is there anything you want to say to people who haven’t picked it up yet?

If you’re looking for a blast of fast, ferocious strategy action, go to the PlayStation Store and grab a copy (but then we would say that, wouldn’t we!).

Thanks to the guys at Fluffy Logic for that. Some good information coming out of that, which is really good if you’re a fan of the game. A review of the game will be going up here soon enough…watch this space.


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