XeNonX Interviews Philip Kollar by Anthony Barlow
January 12, 2009, 8:08 pm
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[By Anthony]

You may have heard (or read) last week that Ziff Davis had sold 1Up.com to UGO. Alongside this deal came the closing of EGM and 40 job losses. One of these people was 1Up’s news editor Philip Kollar, who I had a chat to earlier today. We talked about the Ziff Davis debacle, what he’s doing now and games in general really. Hit the jump for more.

Anthony: What really happened concerning Ziff Davis and the whole 1Up/EGM thing?

Phil: On Tuesday of last week, the 1UP Network was purchased from Ziff-Davis by UGO and their parent company, Hearst. UGO/Hearst didn’t purchase EGM as part of the deal, and Ziff Davis chose that time to announce EGM would be closing as a result of that.

Anthony: Right, the things I was reading said that Ziff had chosen to close EGM and that 1Up had been sold, but when I heard there’d been layoffs I didn’t thin it’d be the editorial staff. I thought it’d have been some of the background people at ZD. I, obviously, now realise the full extent of the thing and it dosen’t make for good reading. Did you have any idea you would be one of the ones to go?

Phil: Not really at all, no. We were all nervous about the potential layoffs – who isn’t going into this year? – but I don’t think anyone had any idea that it would be such a huge number of people.

Anthony: I agree. Everyone is a little nervous about the potential of losing their job right now. How has losing that job affected you?

Phil: Uh, well, it was my livelihood, so obviously i’ve needed to start looking for other work immediately :P.

Anthony: I guess that question was a little obvious. So, ok, any idea what your going to do next? Have you been offered a new job anywhere else?

Phil: No, no full-time offers as of yet, and honestly, I’m not too hopeful on that. It’s a bad economy, and I don’t think many companies are looking to expand right now (although if i’m wrong, look me up on Facebook and let me know that you have a job for me!). Right now I’m personally focused on two things: freelancing and doing work for a new website/podcast. The website is http://www.eat-sleep-game.com and the podcast is called Rebel FM, and I started it last week with fellow ex-1UPPers Anthony Gallegos and Nick Suttner.

Anthony: Yeah, I guess the economy makes finding full time work hard. I saw that you’d started the new podcast and and that ESG had been updated. Both are really good by the way.

Phil: Thanks for the compliments

Anthony: Do you see ESG as a full time thing now?

Phil: Not really. I would love for that to happen, and the amount of support we’ve received from fans has really been astounding, but for now it’s just a blog and a podcast without much of a means of building a real “business” around it. We’re looking into a lot of options for making some money off of the podcast, but it’s unlikely any of them will be enough to pay us full time, so that’s why i’ll be looking for as much freelance work as I can handle on the side.

Anthony: Yeah, that’s true. How soon after your departure did you begin planning Rebel FM?

Phil: Immediately. Honestly, the first time it was brought up was literally twenty minutes after we found out we were being laid off. We were still in the office, still reeling from the shock, and I told Nick and Anthony that we needed to record a new podcast immediately, to roll right into something new. We recorded it the next day, after being in the office for the last time and cleaning out our desks, and then released it last night.

Anthony: I guess that was the best way to do it really and, from your responses on Rebel FM, I see that the fans have taken to the new show quite well

Phil: Yeah, it worked out really well. Although, again, the response from everyone has just been amazing, so much more than any of us expected. It really helps to know that people are supporting us and want us to keep doing this.

Anthony: Yeah, that’s always good. So, onto something a little lighter. What’re you playing at the minute?

Phil: I’ve mostly been stuck on World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King the past couple of months, but I also started up Prince Of Persia so I have something to play when i’m not in an MMO mood.

Anthony: Cool, I’m playing Prince Of Persia myself. Are you taking this ‘increase in spare time’ to catch up on any games you missed in 2008?

Phil: [Laughs] Well, that’s the funny thing – I thought I would, but honestly, since last week I’ve been busier than when I was employed, just digging up freelance contracts and looking at various opportunities. But I’ve got a big stack of 2008 releases I’m hoping to dig into, Prince Of Persia was the first step for that.

Anthony: Cool, you could always write for us, of course I have no money to pay you. Will you accept gratitude?

Phil: Only if it’s the kind of gratitude I can eat and/or turn into food.

Anthony: Well, that’s a bit of a stumbling block, but I’m sure I can find a way to make it work. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Phil: If you’ve ever followed me or any of my collegues at 1UP or in the 1UP podcasts, thank you so much. If you haven’t checked out Rebel FM at eat-sleep-game.com or the new thing that the ex-1UP Show guys have in the works at talkingorange.com, please do, and again, just thank you all so much for any support you have shown us or continue to show us. You’re all amazing people, and we appreciate it more than we’ll ever be able to show.

Phil is a great guy, I’d like to thank him for taking time out today to talk to me and I urge everyone to check out eat-sleep-game, talkingorange and Rebel FM.


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Nice little interview. I’m amazed at how quickly Phil and the others got back on their feet. 1Up FM and The 1Up Show where some of my favorite podcasts (and I listen to quite a lot) and I’ll definitely be watching for their new shows. Good luck guys! And Anthony, I’m with you I really hope Garnett Lee gets 1Up Your back up and running, I look forward to it each week and would hate to not have that any more.

Comment by Teboda

Definitely, the guys at 1UP are great. The podcasts are really cool and I too love watching the 1UP Show. I just don’t think it’ll be the same after the move.

Comment by Anthony Barlow

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