What Games Do You Game?: The ‘What We Really Played’ Edition by Anthony Barlow
January 10, 2009, 12:12 am
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[By Anthony]

It’s back, What Games Do You Game has made the jump into 2009 and, like the last post, there’s a bit of a twist. During the break Ad’s thought of a, frankly, ingenious idea of doing a ‘What We Really Played’ edition. Thinking this was a great idea I jumped on it’s proverbial bandwagon and, well, now this idea is reality. We’ve got the majority of the crew together with the omission of Steve and Giancarlo. Ok then, hit the jump to see what we were really been playing over the break.Anthony – Well I said i’d be playing Fallout 3, and in all fairness I did play some Fallout, but was sidetracked by the likes of Prince Of Persia, Rock Band 2 and NBA 2K9 appearing on Christmas morn, as well as the arrival of Mirror’s Edge (which was finished promptly) a day later. I’m now trying to juggle playing all of the aforementioned titles as well as a few old favourites (FIFA 09). Sadly Fallout 3 has dropped lower in the pile, but as soon as i’m rid of these other games i’ll get right on it. I needs me some trophies.

Ad’s – My parents bought themselves a PS3 for Christmas and were kind enough to use my game loyalty card, getting me £7.50 credit. I used it to buy Fallout 3 for the bargain price of £12.50, I had already played the 360 version a few times but couldn’t resist getting it for the PS3.  Especially as I have committed my 360 to it’s final resting place, the loft. As well as playing Fallout I have borrowed Prince Of Persia and Shaun White’s Snowboarding, both are average games but they do have some positive elements. After completing Fallout I went to another epic game in GTA IV and have also had brief spells on Motostorm 2.

Ryan – Got my PS3 and a few killer games. So I’ve been playing Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction, LittleBigPlanet and WarHawk. Yeah, they’re older games, but I needed to catch up on some of the better ones. Hoping to pick up Metal Gear Solid 4 and Resistance 2 soon as well.

Darren – I finally got around to GTA IV and, i’ve got to say, i’m impressed. Not managed to snag a copy of Chrono Trigger DS yet though.

So that’s it for the inagural ‘What We Really Played’ edition of WGDYG? Normal service shall be resumed next week, unless you want us to keep this as a regular feature. Answers on a postcard please, or the comments box if you so wish.

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