Rumor: PS2 Emulator Coming For PS3? by Anthony Barlow
January 10, 2009, 12:24 am
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[By Anthony]

Older PlayStation 3 consoles play PS2 games, newer ones don’t. I have often wordered why Sony took this feature away from those who adopted their black box of joy late, now it seems they might be putting it back in.

The rumor comes from none other than NeoGaf. User Meph apparently spoke to a Sony representative about the issue with backwards compatability and was told that Sony may be willing to buy PS2 emulation software from a third party.

Of course there is no evidence to back up Meph’s claim, but it dosen’t seem too unlikely. I know a lot of people who’d love to see Sony put this back in, if only for games like Persona 4.

Another one we’ll have to wait and see on. It’d be nice if Sony were to do it though.


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I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games not PS2 ones so this is of no interest to myself.

I have a US launch console with BC and have only ever played 1 PS2 game on it, Katamari Damarcy. 🙂

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