Review: Crash Commando (PS3 Via PSN) by Anthony Barlow
January 8, 2009, 11:03 pm
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[By Anthony]

Crash Commando was released onto the PlayStation Store on Christmas Eve 2008 and because of all the high profile releases and, frankly, lack of money I think this is another great exclusive that may have been looked over by many. It’s definitely one that shouldn’t have been. Hit the jump to find out why.

Crash Commando is a very simple game to understand. Those who read my interview, with EPOS Games’ Olof Gustafsson ,will know that the game has no intricate story, there’s no overruling objective, there doesn’t even have to be any tactics, it’s just simply red vs. blue and the team with the most kills wins. This simplicity, as i’ve often mentioned before, is perfect for a game on the PlayStation Store. These games need to be pick up and play fun, something which CC does perfectly.

The game is very online focused. There’s no way you can experience this game fully without jumping online. There’s the usual deathmatch and team deathmatch modes as well as the Map Objectives mode which sees the teams battling it out to control certain things within a map. The amount of match types may seem small but once you get in game you’ll realize that, although it remains simple, there’s loads to do and tons of fun to be had.

Like I said, the game is mainly one for playing online, but it does have a single player option too. There”s the ‘Boot Camp’ mode which pits you against a group of bots and sets you a simple objective. You can play the aforementioned online modes in single player, but obviously your against A.I. controlled bots, rather than a real person. The single player mode can become tedious and you’ll want to jump back online soon after playing it. It just seems to loose the frantic nature that generally comes when playing against human opponents.

The visuals are really good, the simple character models work really well within the environments, but because of the frantic nature of the combat and the size of your character it’s easy to get lost when playing with a large group. The maps are really well designed and with three levels for combat to take place on, even with the maximum amount of players, it’s not hard to find somewhere to set up camp if you so wish. Graphically the game is great, the character models and environments are vibrant and look great.

The amount of weapon choice is great too. There’s definitely one to suit everyone, from the Sniper Rifle to the Shotgun and even the more far out CAB gun everyone will have their favorite. There’s a pistol and a knife for close quarters combat and of course grenades, mines and C4 can all be used too.

Overall the game is great. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for fans of shooters this should be a worthy addition to your collection. At £7.99, with amount of play you’ll get out of this game, it’s a steal. Still it does have it’s flaws, on many TV sets characters may appear too small and although the maps are good after a while they will get a little samey. Downloadable content is coming so hopefully some new maps and vehicles will be added to the mix. A great effort from EPOS on this one, but the tedious single player lets it down a bit.



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