Interview: EPOS Games’ Olof Gustafsson by Anthony Barlow
January 2, 2009, 10:30 am
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[By Anthony]

A few weeks back I held a Q&A session with Olof Gustafsson from EPOS Games, developers of PlayStation Network title, Crash Commando. We talked about the inspiration for the game, what Sony first thought of it, possible Home intergration and downloadable content. Hit the jump for the full thing.
What was the inspiration behind the game?

The initial idea for CRASH COMMANDO was inspired by a lot of different titles from the last two decades. One game that springs to mind is JETPAC on the old Commodore VIC-20.

Most games are based around some kind of narrative. Why did you choose not to include any story elements in Crash Commando?

At the beginning we actually had a thin storyline for Crash Commando, but as the game development progressed we felt that any storyline didn’t really add anything important to the core gameplay.

What was the response when you first showed the game to Sony?

We got an instant positive response from Sony, who was very interested in publishing the game.
After that we agreed on what should be featured in the final game.

A lot of people have said the game feels like a real time version of Worms, is this the type of game you aimed to create?

Well yes, you could say that. Even so, we didn’t think in those terms during the development process. We just wanted to create an online game for a commercial market that so clearly flirts with the retro genre, giving the players the opportunity to play in teams or against each other in real-time.

I personally thought that a map editor would be a great addition to a game like Crash Commando, is this something you thought about, or possibly something you could add in the future?

We discussed that a lot in the startup of the project, but after having estimated what such a feature would cost us in terms of workload, we decided to put it on the shelf and keep it as an idea for later iterations.

Have you got any plans to incorporate the game into Home?

We haven’t talked about that yet, but we won’t exclude it as a possibility in the future.

Can we expect any downloadable content in the future?

Yes, you certainly can. At the moment we’re listening to what the community has to say and what they’re missing, so that we can focus on what’s most important for them at the moment.

What’s next for EPOS?

Our first priority is to maintain Crash Commando and listen to the gamers. We really want to create downloadable content to make the game even more balanced and richer in variety.

So there you have it, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot more from Crash Commando in the coming months. I’ll be putting up my review of the game within the next few days, so watch this space.

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