Capcom Hints At PS3 Dead Rising? by Anthony Barlow
December 29, 2008, 3:18 pm
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[By Anthony]

Ok so for our first BIG (and I mean big) rumor since we’ve returned is a pretty damn good one. Capcom’s John Diamonon hinted at something potentially cool. In his most recent post (which can be seen here) he writes:

Oh yeah, there’s also a big (sentence deleted by Capcom and SCEA PR ninjas)….Can you believe it? Wow, how can you not be excited about that? I’m just glad that I was finally able to talk about it. It’s been a long time coming but I’m ecstatic that it’s actually going to happen.

Now of course this actually means nothing, although when a commenter asked:

I must say that it is awesome that you announced Dead Rising for the PSN, right?

To which John replied:

Who announced it? Me? I don’t think so! )

Well, because of the smiley face the internet has exploded with speculation that Dead Rising is, in fact, finally going to be released on PS3 and possibly via the PlayStation Store. Hopefully this is true, i’ve been waiting to get my hands on that game for a while. come on Capcom do the right thing.


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This better be true, this game on 360 is awesome

Comment by Ryan Gray

My fave 360 game, the crippled save system lets it down big time though. Please add in some co-op, it would be awesome. 🙂

We’d probably end up with the retarded Wii version and it’s 5 zombies. lol

Comment by Ad's

I can imagine the hordes on the Wii. Overwhelming 🙂

Comment by Anthony Barlow

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