Impressions: Lord Of The Rings: Conquest by Anthony Barlow
December 24, 2008, 2:36 pm
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[By Anthony]

I was sort of eagerly awaiting this game and it seems to have crept up on, well, pretty much everyone. From the devs behind Star Wars: Battlefront comes Lord Of The Rings: Conquest. If you’ve played the aformentioned Star Wars title, then you know what to expect, or at least you think you do. Hit the jump for more.

First of all, this build is more than likely a fairly old build, so take my comments as you will. I just don’t want any backlash if the finished product turns out to be completely and utterly awesome.

What I first noticed is that the game dosen’t look half as epic as people are expecting. Sure there’s some really cool looking fights and a ton of enemies to dispatch, but it all feels really disjointed and, unlike the Star Wars: Battlefront games, the sense of scale just wasn’t there. Sure, you can see mass brawls going on in the distance and they look really cool, but more often than not I was just watching that play out in the background whilst I dispatched two or three orcs. Another thing I feel this game is missing is a sense of urgency, it dosen’t seem like your team mates really need you, which is a bit of a shame. Even when you jump into the action as one of the ‘Hero’ characters that isn’t there.

I also noticed that the game really isn’t that graphically impressive. This was also said about Pandemic’s last game, Mercenaries 2: World In Flames. I have no idea if this game is being made for the PS2, but judging by the engine they’re using it might as well be. It just isn’t very impressive. The character models are good in parts, but if you look a little closer (especially during combat) they all really seem like re-skinned dummys of the same base model, something which, in Lord Of The Rings, shouldn’t matter but it does.

Could it be that Pandemic are finding it hard to make the transition to this generation? It certainly seems that way. I’ll leave final judgement for the full retail build, but to be brutally honest it looks like a lot of Lord Of The Rings fans will be dissapointed come January.

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