BioShock 2 Timed PS3 Exclusive? by Anthony Barlow
December 22, 2008, 7:00 pm
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[By Anthony]

It might be Christmas time but the gaming news (and rumors) keep coming in. The Hip Hop Gamer Show is reporting that BioShock 2 could be a timed exclusive for the PS3. The guys are reporting that Take 2 have gained the most profit from PS3 sales this year, swinging the timed exclusivity in Sony’s favour. This sounds cool and all, but how credible is the source? Having never really watched the show before, I can’t tell you. If this is true though, it’s huge.

There’s already a backlash on the HHGS website from 360 fanboys, which is always nice to see. Please keep in mind that this is a rumor, albeit a nice sounding one.


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LMAO A backlash seriously? I wasn’t bothered if this was gonna be timed to 360 because I would of just bought it for the PC. If what you say turns out to be true I may pick it up for PS3 and get me some easy Trophies.:)

Personally I will believe it when I see it, Microsoft will probably just hand Take 2 a brown envelope (a really big brown envelope) with $10m to swing it their way.

Comment by Ad's

ur a dick ^^^^

Comment by ron

Just like people called Ron from Luton, they are really fucked up.

Comment by Darren

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