LittleBigChristmas by Anthony Barlow
December 16, 2008, 9:41 pm
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[By Anthony]

Ah, how we love Media Molecule and all that they do. Earlier this week we showed you the latest free costume for LittleBigPlanet and alluded to some more festive DLC. Well, thanks to the good people at the PlayStation Blog, we now know what else MM are delivering this coming Thursday. Not only are we getting the second part of the Santa suit costume and the first part (presumably) of the Christmas Tree costume MM will be providing a festive themed ‘level pack’. Hit the jump for more.

Ooh a ‘level pack’ sounds cool dosen’t it? Finally some new levels for us to play. Wrong. This ‘level pack’ is in fact stuff to put in your own levels, festive themed of course. So for $2.99 users will get, well, a pretty good lot of stuff. All of which is posted below:

  • 2 new costumes – gift wrapped Sackboy & Christmas Tree headpiece
  • 1 new material – Wrapping paper
  • 2 new items – festive sleigh & festive light
  • 6 new decorations – including bauble & candy cane
  • “a ton of festive stickers”

Dosen’t sound too bad after all. ‘Level pack’ is a little misleading though. It’d have been nice to have a few levels to get through to get this stuff, but it’s not too bad I guess. The PS Blog also promises that more themed packs like this are on their way, sounds good. There better be an MGS one in the works.


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A Christmas Wrapped Sackboy Wow

Comment by killquick

For those people who don’t check HUKD’s this is a bit of a bargain for only £9.99, heard it’s supposed to be quite good too.


Comment by Ad's

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