Here’s Your 7 New Burnout Paradise Trophies by Anthony Barlow
December 16, 2008, 9:28 am
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[By Anthony]

Sometime last week, if you compared your trophies with a friend, you might have noticed something odd about your percentage in Burnout: Paradise. Earlier in the year the guys at Criterion announced that they would be adding a new ‘Party Mode’ to the game as their first paid-for downloadable content. It was also announced that this new update would contain trophies. Well, EA/Criterion seem to have sneakily informed players of what trophies are to come. When players compare their trophies with someone on their friends list they’ll notice that their overall percentage of trophies has dropped 10%. This is because the new trophies have, somehow, been added to this list (but not, I might add, to your trophy collection. Weird eh? Anyway, hit the jump for the list.


Every player succeeds in a party round
-Awarded when every player successfully completes a party round

Complete your 1st party round
-Awarded when you complete the 1st round of your 1st party

Every player take a photo for a party
-Awarded when every player in a party takes a photo of themselves, requires a USB camera to be connected.


Every player succeeds in every party game
-Awarded upon completing a party in which every player successfully completes every game of every round

Complete a small party
-Awarded when 2-4 players have completed a party

Complete a big party
-Awarded when 5-7 players have completed a party

Complete a massive party
-Awarded when 8 players have completed an 8 round party

These don’t sound to hard, do they? I do believe that it’s ‘pass the controller’ in this mode so it shouldn’t be too hard for people to rack up some easy trophies.


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Thanks for the credit there mate. 🙂

Comment by Ad's

Oops sorry mate. Here you go then.


🙂 was that good enough?

Comment by Anthony Barlow

lol, much better (takes a bow) I would like to thank my family for supporting me through ou……. 😉

OMG you stopped playing Fallout, der der der! lol Engrossing isn’t it? Btw whats the meaning of your comment? Years Of Refusal

Comment by Ad's

I know, sort of got sick of being killed. Years Of Refusal is Morrissey’s new album. (Announcer voice) “In all good stores February 16th 2009” :).

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Where are you up to then?


Comment by Ad's

I’m just heading off to Galaxy News Radio. Did a few other quests before that though. Saw that on Digital Spy the other night 🙂

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Lol So you didn’t do what I did and skip Galaxy news altogether? 🙂

Might pick up Motorstorm 2 after Christmas if it’s still £20. Especially as it’s one of the games with 7.1. Might also play some more R2 as that also has it.

The rest of my speaker cable arrived today so everything is ready to be plugged in on Christmas day.

I even ventured on to the forum that cannot be named to find optimum settings for speakers, amp and sub. Should of posted a thread saying Moogle your a c**t Merry Christmas from your neighbourhood Barmelo. lol

Comment by Ad's

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