The Week In Games – 14/12 – 19/12 by Anthony Barlow
December 14, 2008, 9:35 pm
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[By Anthony]

The close of the ‘holiday rush’ has pretty much died down. This week there’s a mere six titles from all three territories on our list and, well, they’re not exactly top notch.

U.S. Games:

  • Rise Of The Argonauts – 16th

European Games:

  • Sonic Unleased – 19th
  • Rise Of The Argonauts – 19th
  • Rock Band: AC/DC Live Track Pack – 19th

Asian Games:

  • Gundam Musou 2 – N/A
  • Lego: Batman – N/A
  • Need For Speed: Undercover – N/A

The only title of interest there is Rise Of The Argonauts, mainly because it’s a new IP. The gullible masses are likely to pick up Sonic in Europe, but other than that there’s pretty much nothing to mention.

Pick Of The Week!:

Pick of the week goes to Rock Band: AC/DC. Mostly because AC/DC are pretty cool and Rock Band is good. It’s best off being used as a track pack and i’m sure it will please many an AC/DC fan. It does have trophies, which is a nice inclusion. So i’ll give this XeNonX’s P.O.T.W.

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Mate, OT I know but have you seen the article and comments on KZ2 on kotaku? I have generally stopped reading kotaku as it is plain to see they are 360 fanboys (maybe fanboys is too strong a word). But the majority of editors appear to be biased towards the 360. Posting any Article that disparages the PS3 and glossing over the (many) shortcomings of the 360.

I actually feel like throwing mine out of the window sometimes. I can’t remember ever thinking “hmm I won’t miss this ps3 so lets see if it can fly over to the garden opposite”

Then the commenters seem to belittle anything that isn’t Gears or Halo. Maybe due to the demographic and location of it’s readers perhaps?

Apparently one of KZ2 flaws is it’s linear, I haven’t played many FPS’s that aren’t in fairness. Although FarCry 2 and Fallout 3 seem to be rare examples. Even Bioshock promised open world levels only to be very linear. Another flaw- it has invisible walls urm… you mean like the critically acclaimed Cod 4 and WAW?

Think I will stick to Joystiq, you and Eurogamer in future. Also whilst googling “Kotaku biased towards the 360” I stumbled on a thread on GameTrailers that was discussing just this. So I guess it’s not just me that feels this way. 🙂

Probably should find a place to put these rather than in the comments, maybe “Barmelo and Ad’s Weekly/Montly Rants and Gripes” lol

On Topic finally. lol

Slow week this week I guess. Anyone doing a Sonic review?

Comment by Ad's

Yeah we could do with some more rant filled sections on here, I have a couple of ideas and tour comment might have sparked a new one. I agree that Kotaku does seem a little too much on the 360’s side, but hey that’s them and personally, I read very little from them so it dosen’t bother me too much. I don’t think anyone is reviewing Sonic, not unless (hint) Sega decide to send me a copy. Word around the interwebs is that it’s still not the Sonic savior people were hoping for.

Comment by Anthony Barlow

“Yeah we could do with some more rant filled sections on here, I have a couple of ideas and your comment might have sparked a new one.”

Really? What you thinking then mate?

Comment by Ad's

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