PlayStation Home ‘Open Beta’ Launching Tomorrow by Anthony Barlow
December 10, 2008, 12:12 pm
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[By Anthony]

The day has finally arrived, Sony are letting the great unwashed (sorry) get their grubby mitts on PlayStation Home, almost a year and eight months after it was announced at GDC 2007. Sony have announced that the ‘open beta’ for the service will be launching and available to everyone as of December 11th 2008 (that’s tomorrow, if you wern’t paying attention). Users will, apparently, not need to download a new firmware update and more content will be added, such as, the Far Cry 2 game room and clothing from Diesel. Hit the jump for more.

It was also said that game rooms for Uncharted, Warhawk and SOCOM: Confrontation will “follow shortly” as well as a whole host of new content. Movie content from Zak Snyder’s new movie, Watchmen, will also be added as well as Home merchandise related to the upcoming movie.

Don’t let the term ‘Open Beta’ decieve you, this is the full release. There is a number of reasons Sony will want to class this as a ‘beta’, mainly because of the ammount of bugs users may encounter whilst using. The closed beta is a little bit bare, hopefully this new content will be a big improvement. There has been mixed feelings about the service, personally I think Sony could be onto something here.

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Some content now would be good, just a shame I can’t visit the UK Home on my other accounts as it’s the only one I can purchase items from. Hopefully it can be fixed in the future.

Do you think items I purchase on my UK account would transfer to my US? Might actually try it later to see.

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