Dylan Cuthbert Interview by Anthony Barlow
December 8, 2008, 6:37 pm
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[By Anthony]

Last week I got in contact with Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert and proceeded to quiz him about the PixelJunk games, amongst other things. Being the nice guy that he is, he responded earlier today and, well, hit the jump to see what he had to say. Go on, you know you want to.

1. What has the public response been towards the PixelJunk games?

  • The public response towards PixelJunk has been overall really really good – even for Racers which only got middling reviews we got lots of fan-mail from people expressing their support for us.

2. Is there anything in particular that inspired Monsters and Eden?

  • Monsters is inspired by RTS games, the idea of building stuff up and not attacking anything directly, but rather indirectly through the things you have built.  Eden is only vaguely inspired by a game called Bugaboo the Flea on the ZX Spectrum – the basic idea of a jumping game and having levels that are vertical.

3. Are there currently any plans to develop PSP versions of the PixelJunk games.

  • You never know, watch this space.

4. Will there be any more expansion packs for Monsters and can we expect to see any for Eden?

  • Right now there are no plans for an expansion for Monsters, but for Eden we’ll decide based on whether it hits a crucial amount of sales.  (as expansions only get a percentage of their original title’s sales)

5. Is there a trophy patch for Racers in the works?

  • There isn’t a trophy patch for Racers in development yet, but never say never, right?

6. How do you feel about Sony and the support they’ve given to smaller games?

  • Sony have been giving great support to smaller games, and they select their partners well I think, as a result PSN has a wide range of solid games.

7. What’s next for Q-Games and the PixelJunk series?

  • Well, we still continue to work on technology and PixelJunk as well as projects for Nintendo, and that’s what we’ll continue to concentrate on I think.

8. Is there anything you can reveal about the next PixelJunk project?

  • I can’t reveal anything yet, except that it will be just as addictive as the other games in the series.

9 . Will Q-Games be making an appearance at any of 2009’s big events?

  • I’ll be visiting all the 2009 events but I can’t say if we as a company will be showing anything, timeline-wise though we’ll probably have stuff to show at Leipzig and E3 (or whatever it is called in 2009).

10 .Will the PixelJunk series remain exclusive to the PS3 or do you see multi platform development as the way forward?

  • For the time-being PixelJunk is exclusive – at some point in the future though, you never know.  We don’t want to start making multi-platform games really though – we enjoy the sense of exclusivity. (from our point of view and from the consumer’s it is a good thing I think)

We’ll there’s a few things to take note of there. I personally would love an expansion to Eden and PSP versions would be nice. I like the fact PixelJunk will stay exclusive, it’s one of the really cool franchises Sony has that’s exclusive on the PSN. I hope it stays that way too.


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Cool, good stuff. You didn’t ask him if co-op would be implemented into any of the PJ games. 🙂

EDIT: I meant online co-op btw. 😉

Comment by Ad's

I know, sorry :(. He did say there were no more planned updates for Monsters though.

Comment by Anthony Barlow

cool interview, i love monsters and eden (although i must confess to being absolutely rubbish at eden). how come he wasn’t more forthcoming with info on the next title though? it’s already been confirmed in a bunch of places to be a sort of rpg game called “pixeljunk dungeon”. sounds great, how cool would a diablo-style hack n slash be with stylised pixeljunk graphics n tunes?

Comment by trk

I know that the name ‘PixelJunk Dungeon’ has been banded about for a while, but if Dylan says he can’t reveal anything. I guess it’s not confirmation, a nice sounding rumor though

Comment by Anthony Barlow

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