What Games Do You Game (06.12.08) by Anthony Barlow
December 6, 2008, 11:28 pm
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[By Anthony]

There was a break from What Games Did You Game last week and now we’re back…with a vengence. Sort of. I say vengence, there’s not even a hint of anything to be vengeful for here. The ammount of games out at this time of the year is great, there’s never nothing to play, what’s not to love, except, y’know…the economy. Anyway I’m here on my own this week but it’s still a damn good list.

One game that  had fallen by the wayside with all the stuff coming out is LittleBigPlanet, that’s not so say the game is bad (it’s definitely not) it’s just there’s been a ton of things to do and I personally haven’t had enough time to play this for a large ammount of time, which is a shame really. The second game i’ve really been into is Call Of Duty: World At War. I was surprised how much I like this game, the campaign is really good. I’ve not played too much of the online (fatigue), but I definitely want to jump into it a little more. The last game i’ve played is Uncharted. I’ve played it through twice before and now i’m aiming for my platinum trophy by completing it on crushing mode and oh my f-ing god, it’s hard. I definitely recomend trying it (and if you’ve not played it get it now), i’m sure i’ll do it…eventually.

Check back next week, when hopefully i’ll have been able to rope in some of the other editors.

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I have been playing Little Big Planet,Pixel Junk Monsters,and Novastrike.

Comment by killquick

Sweet, good games man.

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Have you picked up FM09 yet?

Comment by Ad's

No I am still without FM09, no money ya see everything’s going towards my trip to N.Y. Will probably get it for crimbo though 🙂

Comment by Anthony Barlow

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