Fernando Torres – PlaySation Addict by Anthony Barlow
December 3, 2008, 12:21 pm
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[By Anthony]

Liverpool’s Spanish striker Fernando Torres is out injured for three whole weeks (get in!), and thanks to MCV we know what he’ll be doing with his time off. The star Spainiard has installed three “PlayStation Rooms” in his house each containing a massive plasma screen tv, surround sound and of course a PS3 console. He’ll be feeding his PS addiction then, it’s nice to know that stars like that have some normality in his life. Although living in Liverpool, he might get himself robbed.


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Was about to say I bet he gets burgled soon, Jermaine Pennant got done the other night. Knowing scousers though the burglers are probably bleeding Liverpool supporters, doh. lol Unless it’s Utd fans as quite a few of the players live near Manchester, well according to Incey. Probably live around Hale and Bowdon where there are some really big houses and quick access to the motorway.

I know a few of the Utd players live not too far from me just over the valley towards Macclesfield, Prestbury (Rooney, Brown, Carrick and Noddy Holder, not a player I know but still. lol) Alderley Edge/Nether Alderley (Rio and I think Ronny, Becks also used to live there) and Wilmslow (Fergie). I remember reading Sparky was pissed off because Carrick bought a house that was opposite his. He demolished it and built a massive mansion in it’s place, apparently Sparky didn’t like the fact that he no longer had the biggest, most expensive, house in the area and moved.

Q. Where was Robinho, where was Robinho, where was Robinho? A. In Rafaels pocket and rumour has it he still hasn’t let him out. :0

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