Super Stardust Portable Out In Europe, Next Week For America by Anthony Barlow

[By Anthony]

It wasn’t just North America that got an update to the store on Tuesday. Eager PS Store users emailed me to tell me that Europe had in fact gotten itself a minor update in the form of Housemarque’s Super Stardust: Portable. What a nice surprise. The game is priced at £6.25 and if it’s big brother is anything to go off it should be really good. I’ve no idea how good it’ll control on PSP though (damn that nub!).

Housemarque’s Kimmo Lahtinen posted on the PlayStation Blog to tell those in North America that they should expect to see the game appear during next week’s update for $9.99. Not bad, hopefully there’ll be some sort of demo to allow users to try before we buy, otherwise this might not do as well as hoped.


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This game is really great on the PS3 but it might hurt your eyes on the little PSP scren moving so fast, I might be wrong though have to see for myself.

Comment by killquick

Yeah hopefully Housemarq will send us a copy to review 🙂

Comment by Anthony Barlow

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