What Games Do You Game? (14.11.08) by Anthony Barlow
November 14, 2008, 11:50 pm
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[By Anthony]

Another week, another edition of ‘What Games Do You Game?’ This week i’m joined by news/video editor Ryan Gray and ‘King Of Comments’ Ad’s. This had a lot of big releases, all of them living up to their expectations and others surpassing them. The PS3’s biggest release was, by far, Resistance 2 and there’s been a ton of cool multiplatform stuff too. Oh yeah and something called Gears Of War 2…whatever that is.

Anthony – So this week my copy of Resistance 2 finally arrived (hooray for importing) and I have to say, although it has it’s flaws, Insomniac have really pulled out all the stops with this one. Although the story is a little weak, the campaign is still really engrossing and i’m powering through it on ‘Difficult’ mode. The multiplayer is amazing, and is by far the best part of the package. Especially the co-op missions. Other than that i’ve played little else since recieving my copy. I finally got my 1st platinum from ‘Burnout: Paradise’, which is pretty cool and the announcment of new content only makes me love the game more. I have had fleeting visits to Rock Band and FIFA 09, but not as much as usual. 2008 – The year of the gamer.

RyanThis week for me has been a Gears Of War 2 week. Yes I realize it’s an Xbox 360 exclusive, but it’s really got me hooked. I can’t beat the campaign because every time I try I get invited to an online game, and the online is ridiculous. It is one of the most complete experiences of the year. I’ve also been jumping back to Far Cry 2 here and there. I will be renting Mirror’s Edge probably tonight, you can expect that review in the very near future. Other than that I’ve just been embracing all the gaming goodness that has graced our consoles these past weeks.

Ad’s – This week i’ve been sniping a hell of a lot. Like Anthony, I too recieved my copy of Resistance 2 in the post. I thought the campaign was more than a little weak and it really didn’t engross me. I liked the multiplayer a lot and would probably still be playing it now, but then Call Of Duty: World At War turned up and, well, I love it. It beats Resistance in so many ways and I think it could be a surprise entry for Game Of The Year.

As always feel free to add your lists in the comments box below.

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“Oh yeah and something called Gears Of War 2…whatever that is.”

Ha! Whatever that is. Try possible game of the year.

Comment by Ryan Gray

LBP already has GOTY tied up. Gears meh! 🙂 I noticed W.A.W has the same bug as cod4 used to, you can’t join a party if the person hosting is on the other side of the Atlantic.

Comment by Ad's

I agree. LittleBigPlanet has got to be game of the year, no doubt! I hear Gears’ oline matchmaking is borked anyway.

Comment by Anthony Barlow

You guys are such fanboys X)

Comment by Ryan Gray

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