New Costumes Confirmed For LBP This Week by Anthony Barlow
November 12, 2008, 9:37 am
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[By Anthony]

We recently alerted you to an image on the Japanese LBP website showing off some of the new costumes coming to the game this week. Now, the North American LBP site has given us a little more info on what to expect this week. As expected, the Gorilla, Peguin, Shark & Cameleon costumes will be available as well as the MotorStorm ‘custume’ that was released in Europe last week and a ‘Sack-Eating Plant’ (above) which is free. The pricing is after the jump.

  • Sack-Eating Plant (FREE)
  • Lilly Pad ($.99) – Cameleon
  • Hugo ($.99) – Gorilla
  • Great Blue ($.99) – Shark
  • Frost-E ($.99) – Peguin
  • Animals Costumes Pack ($2.99) – All Of The Above 
  • MotorStormer ($1.99)
  • No sign of the Rare T-Shirt yet but it is nice to see MM giving us some free stuff as well as paid-for content. The pricing isn’t too bad, at least they’re not taking liberties with us (just yet). As we said the Mainichi Issyo costumes haven’t come to North America (I assume the same is for Europe), it was to be expected really no one really knows who (or what) they are.


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