NovaStrike Competition Winners! by Anthony Barlow
November 5, 2008, 9:15 am
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[By Anthony]

Sorry for the delay folks, I am now able to access my emails so the competition can finally cease. I have combined all of the PSN messages and emails and have picked our three winners. As always, winners were picked at random and will need to send me a confirmation email before getting their codes. Drumroll please…

Our winners are:

  • Joseph Digrado
  • Ellie Flynn
  • Readytorelease (PSN)

I’ll send the codes to Joseph and Ellie now, readytorelease you’ll have to wait a little longer as i’m not at my PS3 at the moment, you will definitely get your code though, from myself or another editor.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

I couldn’t get any decent swag from i35 (because there was none) so their might be a hiatus on the competitions for a little while, but you never know I might be able to get something together.

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Thanks Barlow, (will be on pins & neddles waiting for the game) We have a new president everyone and for the first time in history it is a black president, woo-hoo carry on my good man.

Comment by killquick

Has the community given me a nickname? Move over Crecente lol 🙂

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Yeah your Gary, Gary Barlow. You fat get.lol

Comment by Ad's

At least i’m not Ken 🙂

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Be nice guys, we have a new president (he promise big changes for everyone)

Comment by killquick

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