MK Vs. DC Trophies Revealed by Anthony Barlow
November 5, 2008, 9:27 am
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[By Anthony]

Usually when two large franchises merge for any form of entertainment it usually isn’t too good (Marvel Vs. Capcom being the exception). When Midway announced they would be developing a new Mortal Kombat game and would be combining that franchise with the DC Comics one, everyone was more than a little skeptical. Well, from all reports the game is actually fairly good and it’s got trophies! Nice. Hit the jump for the list.

Bronze Trophines

  • Worlds Remade — Complete Mortal Kombat Story
  • Universe Reborn — Complete DC Universe Story
  • The Pugilist — Perform Klose Kombat
  • Free Fallin’ — Perform a Free-Fall Transition
  • Combo Champion — Perform a 10 hit combo in arcade mode
  • Fatality! — Perform a Fatality!
  • Heroic Brutality! — Perform a Heroic Brutality
  • Mortal Kombat Champion — Finish arcade mode with an MK character
  • Super Hero — Finish arcade mode with a DC character
  • The Competitor — Play 200 Versus matches
  • Tarkatan Champion –Complete Baraka’s Kombo Challenge
  • The Caped Crusader — Complete Batman’s Kombo Challenge
  • Cat Burglar — Complete Catwoman’s Kombo Challenge
  • The Assassin — Complete Deathstroke’s Kombo Challenge
  • Fastest Man Alive — Complete Flash’s Kombo Challenge
  • Green Lantern’s Light! — Complete Green Lantern’s Kombo Challenge
  • Bring It On! — Complete Jax’s Kombo Challenge
  • Clown Prince of Crime — Complete Joker’s Kombo Challenge
  • The Mercenary — Complete Kano’s Kombo Challenge
  • Outworld ‘s Princess — Complete Kitana’s Kombo Challenge
  • Evil Genius — Complete Lex Luthor’s Kombo Challenge
  • Shaolin Monk — Complete Liu Kang’s Kombo Challenge
  • The Thunder God — Complete Raiden’s Kombo Challenge
  • Get Over Here! — Complete Scorpion’s Kombo Challenge
  • Master of Souls — Complete Shang Tsung’s Kombo Challenge
  • SHAZAM! — Complete Captain Marvel’s Kombo Challenge
  • Special Forces — Complete Sonya’s Kombo Challenge
  • Grand Master — Complete Subzero’s Kombo Challenge
  • The Man of Steel — Complete Superman’s Kombo Challenge
  • Princess Diana — Complete Wonder Woman’s Kombo Challenge
  • Omega Effect — Complete Darkseid’s Kombo Challenge
  • Emperor of Outworld — Complete Shaokhan’s Kombo Challenge
  • Less Talk, More Fight! — Win a Chat Room Match
  • Humiliation! — Get a flawless victory online

Silver Trophies

  • DC Arcade Champion — Complete Arcade Mode with all DC Universe Characters
  • MK Arcade Champion — Complete Arcade Mode with all Mortal Kombat Characters
  • Relentless! — Play 100 chat lobby matches

Gold Trophies

  • The Ultimate Evil — Complete Both Mortal Kombat and DC Universe Story Mode
  • The Finisher — Perform all Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities
  • Arcade Master — Beat Arcade Mode on max difficulty without continuing
  • Supreme Champion – Complete all Kombo Challenges
  • Special Move Master – Perform all Super Moves and Pro-Moves

 They don’t sound too bad, but then again we don’t know how hard those Komo Challenges will be. It’s a possibility I might pick this up, it all depends on price and how good it is. I’ve got a feeling i’ll have to wait a bit for it to become a worthy purchase.


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I’m getting this. anyone else?

Comment by Giancarlo Feltrin

I thought about it, but i’m unsure. There’s too much good stuff coming out this time of year. I could be persuaded to get it when the price drops though 🙂 .

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Fun game but it does get routine. Altho, everytime I master moves of one I’ll completely forget others previously and have to relearn. or maybe its just me. I want to know does the trophies unlock anything new? or is it just a trophy for completing something?

Comment by superhawaiian

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